The MAFS 2024 Cast Get Their Social Media Accounts Back Soon So Here’s Where To Follow Them

Now that Married At First Sight (MAFS) is done and dusted for another year, I’m patiently awaiting the moment the cast regain control of their socials. 

Daddy Nine is still at the reins of our MAFS 2024 cast’s Instagram accounts, but there have been a few contestants who have gotten sick of the metaphorical muzzle. So, they did what any sensible person would do in this sitch, and turned to our friend TikTok. 

There are a bunch of cast TikTok accounts that have popped up, so if you’re desperately looking for your fix of MAFS drama, we’ve got you. 

Where to find the Married At First Sight 2024 cast on Instagram and TikTok

Lucinda Light

Instagram: @lucindaslight
TikTok: @lucindalight

Lucinda MAFS
If you could win MAFS, Lucinda would be the winner. (Image source: Instagram / @lucindaslight)

It’s no exaggeration when I say that Lucinda Light has become a national treasure after her stint on MAFS. While she didn’t find love on the show, it’s safe to say that she’s won all of our hearts. 

Her TikTok account is still private, but she has over 61K followers, as she should. She’s also racked up over 331K followers on Instagram. Stay thriving, queen!

Tristan Black

Instagram: @tristancblack
TikTok: @tristan.blackdj

Tristan MAFS
Anyone need a DJ??? (Image source: Instagram / @tristancblack)

Tristan Black, otherwise known as Timothy Smith’s son, was one of the sweetest guys on MAFS. It’s a shame he wasn’t ready for a relationship, and we watched his romance with Cassandra Allen fizzle out before it even started. 

He’s started a new TikTok account and has began putting up some lil skits. It seems like he’s online to promote his DJ career, and you know what? With his boundless energy, his sets are gonna slap.

Lauren Dunn

Instagram: @so.cooked
TikTok: @lauren.funn / @lauren_funn_ / @so.cooked

Lauren Dunn MAFS
A snap from one of Lauren’s contraband social media accounts. (Image source: Instagram / @so.cooked)

MAFS bride Lauren Dunn is one of the most memorable contestants from this year, having been at the centre of quite a few storylines. 

If I could sum her time up on MAFS in a sentence, it would be this: Jack Dunkley wanted her muzzled, she took no shit from anyone, and she was involved in a cheating scandal after her match Jonathan McCullough decided to text fellow bride Ellie Dix about 100 times. 

Since she was a micro-influencer before the show with her food account @so.cooked, it seems she’s gotten sick of waiting for Nine to give back her social accounts. She’s gone ahead and made a new rogue TikTok account, where she’s been posting about all things MAFS

Jayden Eynaud

TikTok: @jaydeneynaud
Instagram: @jaydeneynaud.kickboxer

Jayden Eynaud MAFS
There’s plenty more shirtless photos of Jayden on his Insta. (Image source: Instagram / @jaydeneynaud.kickboxer)

Jayden Eynaud was scouted to be on MAFS after his bro Mitch Eynaud made an impression in Season 9. They look similar, but Jayden has more hair. 

Anyway, Jayden was paired with angel Eden Harper, and the pair exchanged the L-Word during the last Honesty Box challenge. I’d say cue the awwws, but rumour has it the pair have since called it quits

His TikTok account is still private, with the only publicly viewable thing being his nickname. It’s kinda weird, simply saying: Jayspray 💦

Sara Mesa

Instagram: @saramessy / @fithungrygirls
TikTok: @saramessy / @fithungrygirls

Sara Mesa MAFS
The nutritionist shares plenty of food content on her socials. (Image source: Instagram / @saramessy)

MAFS bride Sara Mesa was a polarising contestant this year. She tended to yell a lot at her match Tim Calwell and was caught meeting up with her ex.

She has multiple social accounts, with one dedicated to her work as a nutritionist. Since she’s Lauren’s BFF, it makes sense that she also has a sneaky TikTok account that she’s been using. There’s a bunch of lighthearted content on her page, along with some snarky comments about MAFS.

Timothy Smith

Instagram: @timsmith_melbourne
TikTok: @timsmith070

Timothy Smith MAFS
Follow Timothy’s socials to see which bride he gets linked to next. (Image source: Instagram / @timsmith_melbourne)

MAFS groom Timothy Smith hasn’t stopped making headlines since the show wrapped. He’s been linked to two different MAFS brides, so I reckon Australia is pretty invested in his love life.

He’s playing by the rules, so while he has a TikTok account (which is followed by Lauren and Sara), it’s private and he doesn’t appear to have posted anything.

Eden Harper

Instagram: @edenharper
TikTok: @edenharpr

MAFS Eden Harper
Oh look! It’s another MAFS contestant in a scarf. (Image source: Instagram / @edenharper)

Eden Harper definitely gave It-Gal energy this season. For folks who didn’t keep up with the show, Eden was paired with Jayden Eynaud, and they were kinda Season 11’s poster couple.

They had a fairytale wedding, a fairytale honeymoon, fairytale pairing — everything was just magical for them.

However, things hit a rough patch when Eden had to break the news to Tim that Sara had met up with her ex during the experiment. Unfortunately, Sara’s infidelity was a spanner in the works for Eden and Jayden, and the pair faced a few roadblocks following ‘yuge scandal.

But hey, we got recaps if you really want to relive those migraines!!!

Although Eden’s recent TikTok content isn’t as shady and saucy as Lauren and Sara’s, she has posted some behind-the-scene tea such as that Lucinda Light reportedly saged her room and triggered a fire alarm at Skye Suites.

Oh, Lu!

Cassandra Allen

Instagram: @cassandraallen_
TikTok: @cassandraallen_

(Image source: Instagram / @cassandraallen_)

Cassandra Allen was definitely a fan favourite amongst fans this season. One of her most memorable moments was when she dragged Sara in the Grand Finale, where she popped off on her fellow bride due to her “lies”. Especially with the cheating scandal.

Unfortunately, Cassandra has abided by the Daddy Nine’s rules and has not posted nor shared any spicy tea regarding Season 11 and her TikTok is currently locked down.

Fingers crossed the cast gets their stuff back!

Richard Sauerman

Instagram: @richard_sauerman
TikTok: @richardauerman

(Image source: Instagram / @richard_sauerman)

Richard Sauerman — our golden groom — has also seemed to be on the right side of the Nine contract as his TikTok account is locked down! His IG also boasts no behind-the-scenes tea, unfortunately.

But, according to his Instagram Highlights, you can tell that Richard does share a lot on his personal TikToks. But it seems like a lot of the content is the kinda stuff you’d see your uncle share on Facebook Reels.

Tori Adams

Instagram: @torileighadams
TikTok: @toriadams18

(Image: Instagram / @torileighadams)

Tori Adams was definitely one of the most talked about contestants during Season 11’s run. Mostly because of the actions of her reality TV husband Jack Dunkley — such as his “muzzle” comment and the “whale” comment.

Just like Cassandra and Richard, Tori’s TikTok is locked down however her Instagram remains open to the public. It seems like her TikTok contains no content as the like count is at zero.

Jade Pywell

Instagram: @jadepywell
TikTok: @jadepywell

(Image source: Instagram / @jadepywell)

This intruder bride caught us off guard when she made it beyond the Final Vows with “deece” loving hubby, Ridge Barredo.

Although she’s spilled some major post-reality TV tea in real life — such as revealing that Ridge got a tattoo of her name — she hasn’t really posted anything on social media.

And just like the previous contestants who’ve been mentioned, her TikTok is private.

Ellie Dix

Instagram: @elliedixoxo

(Image: Instagram / @elliedixoxo)

This controversial bride unfortunately does not have TikTok, but she does have an Instagram where she posts a butt load of travel content.

I can see why they set her up with Ben Walters, as he is a tour guide.

Andrea Thompson

Instagram: @andreathompson_andie

(Image source: Instagram / @andreathompson_andie)

On MAFS, Andrea Thompson was matched with our golden groom Richard Sauerman. Unfortunately, the pair did not go the distance, however, she did walk away with a beautiful friendship with Lucinda Light.

As for her life post-MAFS, the photographer has not posted much. She doesn’t have a TikTok either so there’s no rogue posting from this bride. However, she does post a lot of IG reels!

Ben Walters

Instagram: @benwalters.tourguide and @walters_tours
TikTok: @walters_tours

(Image source: Instagram / @benwalters.tourguide)

Out of all the MAFS 2024 contestants, Ben Walters has to be the most rogue poster out of the bunch. As you can see, old mate has two IG profiles and I’m assuming that the second one was made because he grew impatient with the producers.

Throughout the season, Ben had things from the show “leak” into the media, such as a video diary where he and reality TV wife Ellie Dix slam producers for building drama, and a photo that featured a list of everything Ben disliked about Ellie.

Most recently, Ben has took to his TikTok to react to Ellie and Jonathan McCullough’s behaviour during the Reunion episodes.

Michael Felix

Instagram: @M.Felix88

(Image source: Instagram / @m.felix88)

I hate to say it, but Michael Felix‘s marriage to Stephen Stewart was forgettable. THERE I SAID IT. Mostly because of the fact that they didn’t stick around for long, but hey, if you gotta go when you gotta go!

But if you’re keen to learn more about this groom and his sassiness — that came out during the Couple’s Retreat and Reunion — you can check out his Insta above!

Like Ellie and Ben, Michael loves to travel and you can see some of his adventures via his IG highlights.

Collins Christian

Instagram: @collins_christian_
TikTok: @collins_christian_

(Image source: Instagram / @collins_christian__)

Collins Christian was definitely a character in Season 11. Although he seems like the type of guy to make skits on TikTok or share a hilarious reaction to viral videos (like Ray William Johnson, IYKYK) Christian’s social media is quite dry.

His TikTok is locked as well, but it looks fairly new as it has zero followers, zero following and zero likes.

Just like how left the experiment with zero bride.

Natalie Parham

Instagram: @natarai
TikTok: @nataraii

(Image source: Instagram / @natarai)

Our Queeeeeeen!!!! Okay so bear with me with the TikTok account I’ve linked because I truly believe it’s her. My evidence? A) the TikTok account’s username matches her Instagram handle and B) the profile picture looks like Natalie’s beloved bird, Neil.

Soooo… I think I’ll take my chances and say that’s definitely Nat’s account.

Unfortunately, the TikTok account — which boasts 114 followers and 1399 likes — is currently on private. I guess we’ll have to sit tight until she unlocks the cheeky birdy account.

Jack Dunkley

Instagram: @jack_dunkley
TikTok: @_jackdunkley_

(Image source: @jack_dunkley)

Here he is!!! Season 11’s villain groom, Mr Jack Dunkley. Just like his reality TV wife and now rumoured girlfriend, Tori Adams, Jack’s TikTok is on lockdown.

According to his profile, the man has 12 followers and boasts 23 likes. Honestly, it wouldn’t surprise me if the guy follows Joey Swoll and reblogs all of his gym content.

But for now, with the account on lockdown, we’ll have to wait and see.

Jonathan McCullough

Instagram: @Jono.mccullough

(Image source: Instagram / @jono.mccullough)

Ahhh… Jono. We were rooting for you. We were ALL rooting for you and Lauren Dunn. But those paparazzi photos with Ellie Dix were just too touchy to just be friends.

But hey, at least the bloke left the experiment with a bride… ish.

However, what makes Ellie and Jono compatible is their love for travel, which has been made evident in both of their IG feeds. Unfortunately, Jono doesn’t have a TikTok with spicy tea. Just the Instagram for your viewing pleasure!

Tim Calwell

Instagram: @timcalwell
TikTok: @timcalwell

(Image source: Instagram / @timcalwell)

I feel like the MAFS casting agents pressed “#travel #spiritual #free” and just clicked on the first ten profiles!!! Literally, everyone in this cast has the travel bug, and it’s honestly been fun snooping through all their travels.

Anyways, for folks we fancy Tim, the bloke has an Instagram and TikTok which both run under the same username @timcalwell. Of course, his TikTok is currently locked! Good luck getting in!

Stephen Stewart

Instagram: @stephenrstewart

(Image source: TikTok / @stephenrstewart)

Sorry… Just like I said with Michael Felix, their relationship was a snoozefest. Like yeah, Stephen did kinda flirt with a hairdresser on a press shoot — which is cheating IMO — other than that they were kinda boring.

But what I find interesting is that they both share a passion for travelling and sharing it on IG.

Just like his MAFS hubby, Stephen does not have a TikTok but he does share his adventures on the gram.

Ridge Barredo

Instagram: @ridgebarredo
TikTok: @ridgebarredo

(Image source: Instagram / @ridgebarredo)

The deece or dece king!

You know what, after observing all of the TikTok accounts, it looks like everyone made one right before hopping on the show because their follow, following and like counts are low AF. But it could also be just a lurker account, which could explain the lack of numbers.

Just like most of his castmates, Ridge Barredo’s TikTok account is locked down, but you can see a lot on his public Instagram account. Like this awesome Commonwealth Games picture and a snapshot of his run on First Dates.

Ash Galati

Instagram: @ashgalati

(Image source: Instagram / @ashgalati)

Our final intruder groom is on the list. For folks who may not remember Ash Galati, the bloke was paired with former Home and Away actor Madeleine Jevic. However — just like Michael and Felix, and Collins and Natalie — the pair did not stay for a long time.

Fans who wanna get to know more about this mysterious, tatted-up groom, you can catch him on IG. There are a couple of TikTok accounts that run under “Ash Galati”, but it’s not clear if any of the accounts are owned by the Season 11 groom.

You might’ve noticed that one bride — Madeleine Jevic — is not on the list. As of writing, the former actor-now-medium does not own any social media and she has been quiet private about her short-lived experience on MAFS.

Hopefully one day, Madeleine will get to share her side of the MAFS experiment. It would be so interesting to see what it’s like from a former actor’s point of view.