All The Tea Surrounding Married At First Sight New Zealand If You Miss Chaotic AF Dinner Parties

Do you yearn for the awkward first vows of Married At First Sight (MAFS)? The chaotic dinner parties? Insults? And DRAMA? Well, thankfully, MAFS New Zealand is almost here to fill that void that MAFS AU has left in your reality TV-loving heart. And now, it’s been confirmed that a familiar face will be helping the damned couples in New Zealand. This should be good.

Ever since MAFS Australia came to an end, many rumours began to swirl about the upcoming New Zealand version. I mean, how could we cope without the drama, am I right?

One of the biggest pieces of goss was definitely the rumour that 2024 favourite, Lucinda Light, would be taking on a relationship expert role in the spin-off.

However, she quickly shut that down claiming that she was not ready to be in a position to judge, despite being the voice of reason in this year’s season, in my opinion.

(Image source: Instagram / @lucindaslight)

However, in a twist, it has now been confirmed that John Aiken will be heading over to our neighbours to share his relationship wisdom!

So, if you’re keen to give MAFS New Zealand a geeze, here’s all the info we’ve wrangled up for its upcoming season.

Who is in the cast of Married At First Sight New Zealand 2024?

Married At First Sight New Zealand has yet to release an official lineup of brides and grooms. But we do know who will be guiding the batch to stardom — erm, I mean, guiding them to a successful marriage.

On Sunday, John officially announced on Instagram that he will be heading to NZ to jump on their MAFS panel, alongside sex therapist Jo Robertson.

“Great to officially be on board the new series of MAFS NZ on @threenewzealand with the amazing @sextherapistjo,” John wrote.

“A skilled and highly experienced sexologist and therapist whose warmth, cheekiness and great sense of humour made this a great ride! Can’t wait to share it all with you in late May.”

(Image source: Instagram / @johnaikenlive)

The third expert has yet to be revealed, but in previous seasons, MAFS New Zealand’s panel included Dr Pani Farvid and Tony Jones.

It is not known if the OG pair will be returning for the show’s fourth season.

Is there a trailer for Married At First Sight New Zealand?

Despite not having a cast list, there’s a teaser that has been shared by Three New Zealand.

Of course, in true NZ vs AUS fashion, the teaser poked fun at this year’s cast of MAFS AU.

“Man, we’ve been stuck in a toxic relationship with these Aussies. I think it’s time we go back to something real,” a narrator reads as Tori, Ben, Lauren, Jack, and other MAFS AU 2024 cast members cop a red flag emoji.

The teaser then quickly cuts to a bride who’s seemingly part of the MAFS NZ cast.

“There’s no pouring wine on people, none of that crap,” a bride seemingly says.

Although most of the comments are viewers tagging their fellow MAFS aficionados for the tea, many folks are pointing out that the drama is what they’re there for.

LOL, at least they’re honest!

When will Married At First Sight New Zealand start?

According to John’s post, MAFS New Zealand will be dropping sometime in late May.

However, the MAFS New Zealand IG account seems to be silent and there hasn’t been any news about the upcoming cast.

Guess we’ll have to wait and see!

Where can we watch the new season of Married At First Sight New Zealand?

Married At First Sight New Zealand will be available on 9Now.

Was Married At First Sight New Zealand cancelled?

MAFS New Zealand was originally canned after three seasons.

According to The Spinoff, MAFS New Zealand face a variety of challenges such as plummeting ratings and the revelation that one of the grooms was accused of domestic violence in the US.

A real reason as to why MAFS NZ was cancelled was never shared, however, the publication reported that “a network source suggested it was inevitable”.

As we wait for more info to drop, MAFS fans can catch up on the Aussie version (dare I say the elite version of the show) on 9Now.

You can also catch the UK version on the free-to-stream site.

Image source: 9Now / MAFS AU