The First ‘MAFS’ Dinner Party Teaser Is Here And Shit Is About To Hit The Fucken Fan, Mates

The first teaser for the Married At First Sight dinner parties has arrived and it’s looking like we’re in for a treat and a half.

Cathy Evans previously warned us that the girl code pact would soon be broken and she sure as shit wasn’t kidding ‘coz it looks like a cheating scandal is gonna kick off before the entree.

Viewers who stuck around ’til the end of last night’s spicy ep will have seen the teaser that shows bride Tash Herz getting flirty with both Natasha Spencer and Hayley Vernon.

“A marriage unravels before your very eyes,” the ominous MAFS voiceover teases, as Tash sits on Hayley’s lap.

She’s then seen locked in an intimate conversation with Natasha as she says: “You’re authentic, you know you’re authentic,” then seemingly goes in for a kiss.

Meanwhile, Tash’s poor bride Amanda Micallef watches on in anger.

“If this means nothing to you,” Amanda says in a subsequent confessional, gesturing to her ring: “See ya later.”

Elsewhere, David Cannon arrives at the dinner party sans bride Hayley, much to the shock of the experts.

When the bodybuilder finally shows up, she appears to be in fine form – not just because she’s enabling the drama between Tash and Amanda, but because she appears to get into a scrap with one of the grooms.

Here she can be seen flicking an item at Ivan:

Her groom doesn’t look like he’s having much luck with the other grooms either as he trades barbs with Steve.

Looks like this year’s ’round of dinner parties won’t fail to deliver the drama.

Catch the full teaser below: