Why The Fk Was MAFS’ Harrison Being Touted As A ‘Dating Coach’ On Kyle & Jackie O?

Jackie O, MAFS' Harrison Boon and Kyle Sandilands

Married At First Sight’s (MAFS) Harrison Boon went on The Kyle And Jackie O Show to spout nonsense about his new era as a “dating coach”, and it was a clusterfuck. 

He clashed with Jackie ‘O’ Henderson over his weird opinions, and for once, co-host Kyle Sandilands wasn’t the one making controversial comments about women.

Harrison Boon and Bronte Schofield on MAFS
This is a photo of an unhealthy relationship. (Image: Nine)

Anyway, Harrison was waffling on about how men are “high-value”, and what women can do to be considered “unmarriable” by these said men. TBH, I think being considered “unmarriable” by people like Harrison is a badge of honour, rather than a disappointment.

So, what makes a woman “unmarriable”? According to the walking red flag  former MAFS groom, a woman with a “high body count” — AKA “20 to 30 partners” — is a big problem.

Harrison believes another “unmarriable” trait is “having a low opinion of men”, saying: “If you want to be with a man, having a low opinion of men disqualifies you from attracting a high-value man, because what kind of high-value man will want to be with someone who has a low opinion of men?”

The most bizarre part of Harrison’s new role as a “dating coach” happened when he pulled out some ~research~ to back up his claims. It’s giving Andrew Tate, it’s giving red pill bullshit, it’s giving limited brain cells… I could go on.

“I’ve got a study here in front of me that will show online dating habits, and they correlated what men and women’s dating preferences were, and the true fact is that men’s value increases over time if we refer to dating marketplace value,” Harrison claimed.

He continued: “My value as a man is increasing, I’m 34 now, and I might not hit my peak sexual dating marketplace value until I hit late 40s to 50s.”

I… don’t even know what to say here. But with every word Harrison speaks, I’m pretty sure his value actually decreases

Harrison Boon holding a printout of messages on MAFS
Is *this* who we should be taking relationship advice from? (Image: Nine)

Jackie O calls out MAFS’ Harrison’s “double standards”

Jackie O looked bewildered throughout the interview, before deciding to question Harrison on some of the “double standards” touted in his ideology. 

“I just don’t understand why you still see yourself as high value, but a woman would be low value if she did exactly the same? That’s the shit I hate,” Jackie O said. 

“You are just full of double standards and you’re spreading that toxicity around that perpetuates this stuff.”

There was a bunch of back and forth, and in the end, neither party changed their views. I won’t waste more time on Harrison’s cooked views, but if you really want to put yourself through the ringer, you can listen to the full interview here

Harrison’s interview roasted by listeners 

After a clip of the show was put up on TikTok, people shared their thoughts in the comment section. A few had me screaming, so here are some of the highlights.

“He’s gonna get a shock when he reaches his late 40s,” one person pointed out. 

“He’s wrong. I don’t want to date up, I just don’t want to date at all because most men talk like him,” another fired out. 

“Red flag. What does he bring to the table? Clearly not his personality,” a third wrote.

“Who do these ‘high value’ men have value to? Each other? I don’t see what would make this man ‘high value’,” another added.

“I wasn’t even asked what my body count was before I got married. That doesn’t even matter when someone actually loves you,” a fifth commented.

Yikes. It looks like Bronte Schofield totally dodged a bullet.