Abbie Chatfield Has Delivered On Her Promise To ‘Destroy’ MAFS’ Harrison Boon & It’s Fkn Gold

L: Harrison Boon on MAFS. M: Abbie Chatfield speaking on her It's A Lot podcast. R: Screenshot of text messages sent by Abbie Chatfield

Queen Abbie Chatfield has followed up on her promise to “destroy” Married At First Sight’s (MAFS) Harrison Boon, and she deserves a standing ovation.

ICYMI: The controversial MAFS contestant has been embroiled in a messy feud with a bunch of women – including Abbie, his ex Bronte Schofield and other ex-reality TV stars – after dubbing them as “the unmarriables”. According to the walking red flag, there’s a “danger zone” for women aged 27 to 35. 

L: Screenshot of a text message shared by Abbie Chatfield, text reads “If anyone has seen anything Harrison Boon has said, keen to destroy him.” R: Selfie of Abbie Chatfield shared by Harrison Boon on Instagram, text reads: “Abby, if you want to ‘destroy’ me, why don’t you do it to my face instead of behind my back? Display some integrity for once and lets talk. My phones open,”
Abbie has now well and truly obliterated Harrison. (Image: Instagram @abbiechatfield, @harrison_boon_)

I hate to give his fucked up views more airtime, but for context, here are a few things he said on an hour-long Instagram Live recently. 

“If you’re an unmarriable, Abbie Chatfield, perfect example. She’s approaching 30, she’s entering the danger zone now,” Harrison said. 

He continued: “The unmarriable term doesn’t really apply to men as we’re the ones doing the marrying. Men set the price of relationships and marriage. Women set the price of sex and dating.”

SORRY? I can’t count how many times my jaw dropped when listening to the dude’s cooked opinions, and seriously, these thoughts can be harmful. 

If that wasn’t bad enough, he also said that Abbie was “riding the cock carousel from one relationship to the next”, and said that “women’s peak value is between the ages of 18 and 24”. It’s giving Mens Rights and All Lives Matter, which I have absolutely no time for. 

Abbie decided to talk about Harrison’s “disgusting, scary language” on her It’s A Lot podcast and had some killer responses.

“They want to have a choice and have control over women, because they’re seeing that power slip away with progression,” Abbie said. 

She continued: “Saying I’m ‘on a cock carousel’, I’m ‘being broken up with left, right and centre’, I am ‘devaluing sex in women’. I know that you are incapable of having a fulfilling relationship or friendship or any kind of interaction with another human, when you are living your life with that much resentment and anger towards women.” 

Now that’s a mic drop. 

Celebs praise Abbie Chatfield’s response

When Abbie dropped a video of her response on Instagram, fellow reality TV stars flocked to the comments to support our girl.

Abbie Chatfield taking a selfie while wearing a lilac outfit
Abbie is the hero we didn’t know we deserved. (Image: Instagram @abbiechatfield)

“Australian Andrew Tate. How he has a platform is deeply concerning. We are ‘Unmarriable’ because we are older and wiser and know our self-worth enough not to fall for his narcissistic traits,” MAFS’ Alyssa Barmonde wrote.

“One, I think you’re bang on with how obviously he carries resentment. Two, your croissant top is [perfection]. Love, your unmarriable mate who’s probably the happiest and most content she’s ever been,” MasterChef’s Melissa Leong added.

“Hahahahaha sorry but I just can’t stop laughing at his brain working overtime to even come up with this shit??? You can see it in his face!!” Comedian Elouise Sofia Eftos commented.

Sadly, I fear this will not be the last time we hear from this cockroach MAFS contestant. I just hope he’s not going to team up with other ex-reality ‘stars’ to spread even more bullshit (I’m looking at you, Jack ‘Man Bun’ Dunkley).