Abbie Chatfield Revealed The Most Brand Money She’s Ever Said No To & My Eyes Are Watering RN

Abbie Chatfield has revealed the truly whopping number of dollarydoos she was offered to promote a brand once and I am staggered. Simply staggered.

In an ep of her LiSTNR podcast It’s A Lot, Abbie said she was once offered around $50,000 a day to promote a fast fashion brand. A DAY!!!!!!!!

You’d think if fast fashion brands can afford to pay influencers tens of thousands dollars a day, they’d also be able to pay their workers liveable wages and invest in sustainability. But that’s capitalism I guess, baby!

For context, Abbie Chatfield touched on some of the Married At First Sight cast beefing with her after she defended Domenica Calarco in the episode. If you’ve been Keeping Up With The Reality TV Stars, you might’ve noticed Carolina SchmidtDaniel Holmes and Olivia Frazer slamming Abbie for getting involved in MAFS business.

Abbie joked about the accusation that she was “meddling” in the MAFS’ cast’s arguments “for attention”.

She said the beef was “the main event” of the MAFS cast’s month during the podcast. Savage. And, she made the point that she probably doesn’t need to get into spats with Married At First Sight stars for attention or clout.

“Sorry guys, I actually don’t need any of you to get anything,” she said.

“You guys saw what I fucking turned down. Jesus fucking Christ, you’d all have conniptions.”

Abbie then delved a little into the highest amount of money she’d ever turned down.

“The brand didn’t, like, morally align with me,” she explained.

“I think around $50,000 for a day. ‘Cos I didn’t want to be involved with this brand. ‘Cos it was fast fashion.”

She said she wouldn’t have done the offer for any amount of money.

“I’d just feel so gross and dirty the whole day, you know what I mean? I’d just feel like yuck.”

Honestly, fair. While $50,000 would be pretty bloody nice, it’s deffo not worth the deeply icky feeling of actively promoting harmful brands.

Also, if you’re having to offer someone $50,000 to promote your brand, maybe your shit just isn’t that crash hot. Maybe you could, you know, organise a board of ethics instead?

For the reasonable fee of just $50 a minute, I’m happy to give some pointers.