MAFS’ Olivia Got Caught Out Posting A Sham Soft-Launch Of A New Man On Her Instagram Story

olivia frazer soft-launch instagram post faked

Former Married At First Sight bride and agent of Instagram Live chaos Olivia Frazer has been at it with the charlatan behaviour again. This time she got caught out possibly soft-launching a new squeeze only for him to be revealed as a friend’s fiancée. Olivia later claimed she was making a joke. I just… I can’t. This is an all-time post.

Gossip mongers So Dramatic! noticed that Olivia recently posted a photo to her Insta story which included the tattooed arm of an unknown man in her lap. It very much looked like someone she was ~romantically involved~ with and captioned the image “expectation of sunset drinks”.

But as the meme goes, that was definitely not the reality behind the candid shot.

olivia frazer mafa soft-launch boyfriend fake
Computer, enhance. [Image: So Dramatic!]
A hardworking fan — who definitely graduated from the same school of online sleuthing as the best group chats — lit up So Dramatic‘s DMs with the spicy intel that he wasn’t a soft-launched squeeze at all. They claimed Olivia was using her friend’s fiancé for that Insta story and they had the working out to prove it.

The source said they had tracked the bloke down and his identifiable tattoos were the smoking gun in their very serious investigation.

“I have a group of friends, and I sent this to them, and within seconds, we tracked him down,” they said.

olivia frazer mafa soft-launch boyfriend fake
COMPUTER ENHANCE!!! [Image: Instagram]
Screenshots sent to So Dramatic! revealed the Insta of a Darwin man with the same tattoo sleeves and “Maddison” in his bio alongside a diamond ring emoji and two kids’ names. Girl…

They also shared a separate screenshot from Olivia’s story that featured another woman’s Insta story which tagged Olivia with a woman named Maddison. GIRL.

Whether it was to stir drama, shits and giggles or maybe to make Jackson Lonie a little jealous is not known but Olivia later said the “expectation” photo was a joke.

Who bloody knows anymore but you honestly can’t help but laugh at how quickly this one got debunked.