Olivia Frazer Has Slammed A MAFS Fan Who Circulated A Screenshot From Her Zoom Job Interview

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

Controversial MAFS 2022 bride Olivia Frazer has fired back at the show’s viewers following a “disgusting invasion of privacy.”

In a video shared to Instagram, Olivia called out a MAFS fan who leaked a pic of her in a group job interview over Zoom for a casual position at a makeup store.

“I was spotted applying for a casual job at a makeup store,” she began.

“Absolutely disgusting because a photo was taken of me in my job interview that I did not know was being taken. It’s a huge disgusting invasion of privacy.”

The pic was sent in to the So Dramatic! podcast by a fan who had also applied for a job at the store.

Olivia then took aim at fans who believe everything they watched on what was one of the most bonkers seasons of the reality show.

“I’ve lost enough as a result of this show and let’s just say this show is highly edited, overproduced and everything’s out of context,” she said.

“If you believe everything that’s shown on TV you’re a dickhead. It’s just really unfair. Let me live my life, let me have a job.”

She concluded, “I just want a job to go with it, earn some money, save to go travelling, pay my rent. I don’t want to be on the dole.”

Olivia Frazer recently revealed she left her teaching job as a result of the photo leaking incident.