15 Wild Bombshells Ella Ding Just Dropped In A Tell-All Interview Following The MAFS Shitshow

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

MAFS 2022 bride Ella Ding has done a tell-all interview in which she revealed a bunch of behind-the-scenes shit about the show.

Speaking to So Dramatic!, Ella dropped a bunch of bombshells about the show.

Let’s delve into them…

She admitted to lying to protect Mitch

So remember that wild moment at the MAFS Reunion where old mate Tamara Djordjevic alleged that Mitch Eynaud had called her while intoxicated one night?

Mitch denied these accusations at the time, adding that Tamara wasn’t “special” ‘cos he also supposedly called co-stars Dion Giannarelli, Matt Ridley, and his MAFS missus Ella, who backed up his story at the time.

Welp, turns out Ella made that up to make Mitch look better.

Ella claimed Mitch forewarned her before the finale and said: “Just in case it gets brought up tonight, I drunk-called Tamara, and I called Matt and Dion.”

She added, “[Then] he was like, ‘If it gets brought up tonight, just without causing drama, can you say that I called you too?’

“So I lied for him.”

Ella admitted that although this was a big red flag for her at the time, Mitch had “convinced me so hard that nothing was happening with him and Tamara.”

“He said that she was crazy toxic, [saying] ‘I’d never fucking do that… Yuck’,” she said. “I was like, I trust this guy. I [lied] because he really cemented it in my mind.

“That was probably the only part of the reunion that I watched back and was like, ‘God damn, why’d you do that?’”

Mitch was dead-set about quitting the show midway through

“The morning after a dinner party [Mitch tried to quit],” she said. “He said, ‘I think I just wanna go home now’.”

She added, “We had a bit of a disagreement the night before and he didn’t want to spend the night with me so he asked producers to separate us and he kind of lost his shit.”

Although some of this was seen on the show, she recounted Mitch insisting that he wanted “5 minutes off camera” to speak to Ella alone. Christ knows what about!

She said she texted Mitch to ask WTF was going on but he never replied, then ultimately returned.

“Liquid courage” played a hand in the final commitment ceremony

Dunno about you, but I’ve always been curious about the booze sitch.

Ella revealed that usually the gang would be offered prosecco, white / red wine or beers, but at the final dinner party, they could order whatever they wanted.

“I was like, ‘Double whiskey on the rocks!’ But that didn’t go down too well, did it?” she recalled.

“I just couldn’t hold it in any longer, the liquid courage came out and I said exactly what I was feeling.”

Quite a lot was cut from the eps

“You guys didn’t see a lot of it,” she said. “When I walked off, I was [going off].”

The commitment ceremony scenes played out of order

Ella recounted watching the commitment ceremony with some of her MAFS mates and revealed that they quickly realised the scenes weren’t in chronological order.

She discussed a particular scene in which she could see that her face was red and puffy from crying, but her crying scene hadn’t played yet.


Mitch asked to be separated from Ella

On the night of the ceremony, Mitch demanded that he and Ella sleep in different rooms. He took their room, and she went and stayed with Dom.


Brent was Ella’s shoulder to cry on

After being exiled from her own room, Ella spent time in Dom’s room, crying to her and Brent.

She said Brent was a huge support to her and gave her some great advice, which is probs why they’re so tight now!

When host Megan Pustetto asked if “this is when the thing with Brent started?” she said: “No… I mean at the time I wasn’t seeing it that way, but maybe?”

Mitch was never “into it”

“During filming, you would’ve seen it, he never looked interested,” she said.

“Like, he was always yawning. Everything was a drag [for him]. He was never enthusiastic about tasks or dinner parties or anything. It was always really negative as soon as the cameras started rolling.”

She’s convinced Mitch didn’t sign up for love

Ella said she reckons Mitch signed on to further his modelling career and was hoping to leave the experiment “after three weeks.”

But obvs that didn’t end up happening and the couple became a focal point on the show, much to his dismay.

She doesn’t regret saying yes at the final vows

“Because that’s just me, I’m fearless when it comes to love,” she said, bless her.

That being said, she’s “realising that I need to not be like that.”

They got the ‘rona together

When she flew up to Queensland to stay with Mitch ahead of the MAFS Reunion, they both tested positive for COVID straight away and I oop.

“We spent nine or 10 mornings together, night and day,” she remembered.

She said their “spark did not return,” but also it was “shit timing” because they were both sick with COVID.

Mitch was feeling “anxious” about his edit

Prior to the Final Vows, Ella told Mitch he had to “clean his act up” and do things like apologise to Carolina.

Heading into it, she said he was very “anxious” about how he would come across on-screen.

“In the moment I was like, ‘Why are you so concerned?’” she said, although she now understands why.

It wasn’t… all bad

Despite all the BS, Ella insisted that when the cameras weren’t rolling, they had some great moments together.

“We had Harry Potter marathons and popcorn, we had a great little routine in our apartment,” she said.

“But you guys definitely wouldn’t have thought that, for sure,” she said, adding that “as soon as the cameras clocked off, that’s when we were the best.”

She’s still messed up from the whole sitch

She went on to say that her split from Mitch has “hit me pretty hard”.

“I’m just feeling… really numb from it all, and I didn’t think I’d be so hurt,” she said. “I definitely have been pretty hurt by the way that it’s sort of changed… since filming.”


Ya boi Brent has been the calm after the storm

Since that was such a shitty experience, she’s stoked to now be ~spending time~ with Brent Vitiello.

“I think for Brent and I right now, we are just really building a really nice friendship,” she said.

Have a listen to the full ep for more tea.