All The Best Places To Get Matcha, Do Yoga & Bliss Out On The Central Coast If You Need A Cleanse

I don’t mean to freak you out, but we’re nearing the mid-year. I know, the passage of time is terrifying. But, it also means that it’s the perfect opportunity to book a little weekend away with the gang (or your S/O) to reset before the second half of the year sets in.

If you’re stumped as to where to go to do said rejuvenating, may I present to you, the Central Coast.

Growing up in Sydney, the Central Coast was the place to be once the summer holidays hit. But, as I’ve gotten older (and wiser) I’ve come to realise that it’s a pretty dang amazing spot to hit for a little R’n’R year-round.

It’s just over an hour outside of the Sydney CBD, which is long enough if your soul is begging for a quick little road trip, (or whimsical train ride while you stare out the window). The region is also perfect for soul-healing activities like sipping on warm matcha lattes, taking strolls down the beach at sunset, exploring nature and maybe even waking up early to do a little yoga.

It’ll kind of be like that episode of Girls where they take a trip up to a Long Island beach house for a weekend to rekindle their friendship — except yours won’t end in an awkward dinner fight over duck.

So, get the group chat together and start sounding off — here’s a list of places to eat, explore and stretch the bad vibes away on the Central Coast.

Where To Grab Coffee & Brunch

Burnt Honey Bakery – Copacabana and Long Jetty

Instagram / Burnt Honey Bakery

With locations in both Copacabana and Long Jetty, Burnt Honey Bakery is basically a Cenny Coast institution. Serving up flakey pastries, artisanal cakes and old-school classics like vanilla slice, it’s the perfect location for a Sunday morning D’n’M sesh over a few coffees as the waves crash gently in the background.

Honestly, the thought of biting into a jam donut while people-watching at Copacabana (the best beach on the Central Coast, in my humble opinion), would heal my burnout right now.

Blackfinn Espresso — Toukley

Instagram / Blackfinn Espresso

The vibes at Blackfinn Espresso are simply immaculate. If you’re in the market for an iced latte, strawberry matcha, acai bowl or bacon and egg roll, look no further than this Toukley-local favourite. It’s great for a spot of brekky or a snack before taking a stroll along the water at Canton Beach.

Beeline — Kincumber

Instagram / Beeline

Beeline is the kind of place that is basically begging you to get a side plate of hashbrowns with your order. They’ve got all the brekkie classics you could imagine on the menu — eggs benny, avo toast, and brekkie burgers — as well as a slew of sweet treats that they bake fresh in-house every morning.

Flour & Co — Toowoon Bay

Instagram / Flour & Co

Flour & Co is known for serving up aesthetic brekkie goods in Toowoon Bay. This includes a range of healthy, raw options like its signature ‘Snickers’ slice, pies and iced matcha lattes.

Look, when it comes to cute cafes and bakeries, the Central Coast has got you covered and honestly, we could go on for days with suggestions. A bunch of other local favourites we recommend trying include RISE Artisan Bakery, Lords Of Pour in Ettalong, Albie’s Coffee in Ettalong, The Boy & The Rose and Becker & Co.

Where To Stretch Out The Bad Vibes

Komuniti — Long Jetty

Instagram / Flour & Co

If you’ve been telling yourself that you’ll start yoga one day, now’s your chance. Komuniti offers a variety of yoga and pilates classes for beginners like us… to expert level, so you can bring your yogi friends along. Located in Long Jetty, this studio will apparently cultivate a “healthy body, mind and soul”, and gimme a bit of that, please.

Wilderness Adventure — Glenworth Valley

Instagram / Glenworth Valley

Release your inner horse girl (we all have one, admit it), at Glenworth Valley’s Wilderness Adventure. You get your own pony for the day and ride off on a scenic trail ride. You feel like you’re exercising, but really, the horse is doing all the work as you take in the views. Once you reach the secluded lunch location, you will then be treated to a boujee picnic. No really, there’s a wine and cheese tasting. What a tough day of horse riding and picnics. Sign me up.

Bells Day SpaKillcare

Instagram / Bells Day Spa

Simply nothing sounds better than getting a deep tissue massage right now. (I say this as I’m crouched over the laptop I’ve been staring at since before 9am this morning). Bells Day Spa in Killcare has got every healing remedy you need on the menu — from deep meditative massage to remedial and targeted massages, facials and so much more. You’ll not only come away from your weekend feeling better, but looking like a million bucks, too.

Copa Yoga — Copacabana

Instagram / Copa Yoga

If you’re looking to take entering your wellness era seriously, book in yoga for your weekend away. Become that annoying friend who wakes everyone up at 6 am to engage in a little Savasana before the sun rises.

They’ll be annoyed for a minute, but when they’re feeling centred and unravelled, they’ll thank you later — and Yoga Copa is the perfect spot for it.

Calma Places  Copacabana

Instagram / Calma Places

Over the last year, I’ve learnt that no matter how many #Hopecore TikToks you save, sometimes you need a little extra nudge (and expertise) to do some proper healing. Calma Places offers up powerful meditation and energy healing sessions that’ll leave you feeling a little more aligned and focused as you head back into the work week.

Where To Bliss Out In Nature

Ironbark Ranch Co — Hinterland

Instagram / Iron Bark Co

At one point or another, we’ve all said to ourselves, “I wish I could get away.” Your wish is our command, as Ironbark Ranch Co is 105 hectares of private bushland in the Hinterland. Whether you want to stay in the farmhouse-style Airbnb, join their healing day or even hire out their entire venue, there are options for everyone’s escape.

Couples Connection Weekend — Girri Girra

Instagram / Girra Girra

If you need an escape as a couple, this weekend was made for you. Connect to country as the Indigenous guides lead you through breath work and meditation practices. You both will be able to face anything in Bouddi National Park, as the weekend will gear you with tools to nurture and nourish each other.

Bouddi Coastal Walk  Bouddi National Park


Talking about Bouddi National Park, it really is a genuine hidden gem (the kind that people try to gatekeep on TikTok). It’s located near Gosford, and is home to stunning beaches (like Maitland Bay), cute little picnic spots and unique birdlife. It’s recommended to book in at least three hours to walk the entire trail, but there’s no harm in setting aside a whole day for it, too.

Patonga Beach — Patonga


Patonga Beach feels like the kind of spot every coastal Aussie coming-of-age tale is set in. The seaside village is great for swimming, kayaking and stand-up paddle-boarding, if you and your mates have got solid sea legs.

Where To Recover And Recuperate


As much as work makes us feel like robots sometimes, we need time to recover and recuperate. From unlimited ice baths and saunas at ENGINEROOM in Tuggerah, to hot and cold therapy at Gee Recovery in Berkeley Vale and Erina. Looking for more wellness activities in the Central Coast? Find them here