6 Travel Yoga Mats That’ll Fit Even In The Most Minuscule Corner Of Yr Big Fk Off Backpack

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If you’re planning on jet setting the fuck out of here on an exciting getaway in the near future, and you don’t want to give up your exercise regime (or gainz as the kids call it), I’m here to remind you that as long as you have a yoga mat in your arsenal, you can do fkn anything, besties.

From adding those killer bulgarian squats to your routine (using just your body weight as resistance) to practicing light yoga while overlooking the beach, packing a fitness mat will be the best thing you do to stay on your fitness grind while on the move.

That being said, it’s easier said than done when all you’ve got to work with is a 30L backpack or a small carry-on. That’s why I’ve done the lord’s fucking work to track down six of the best travel yoga mats that won’t take up half your case and a quarter of your luggage allowance. Thank me later.

Best travel yoga mats in Australia

FoldUP Movement Mat

FoldUP Movement Mat, $129

The name says it all, folks — this iconic mat by FoldUP folds up (who would’ve thought?!) into a compact square, so you can stop taking fellow commuters out with that big, fat, fuck-off roll-up mat of yours.

Considering it folds down flat, that means it also slides right into a back-seat pocket, which is a great place to store the damn thing if you’re partial to a cheeky beach yoga sesh every once in a while.

For all my queens with knee or other joint issues, you’ll be happy to know this bad boy was carefully designed to offer extra thickness and support to protect your trusty limbs, too. Win-win, babes.

Lululemon Carry Onwards Travel Mat


Lululemon Carry Onwards Travel Mat, $89

Y’all, turns out Lululemon isn’t just good for those bangin’ squat-proof leggings, but they also sell a shit tonne of epic fitness gear including travel yoga mats. This particular one slays the game because the little elastic tie means it can be easily folded and secured down into whatever size you need whether it be to shove in your workbag or the side pocket of your carry-on suitcase.

Foldable Yoga Mat

Foldable Yoga Mat, $99.97

If you’re in a similar mindset to that girl in the El Paso ad who proclaims”porque no los dos?” then this is the option for you. Not only can you fold this bad boy down into a flat mat, but if you do want the option of also rolling it like a traditional yoga mat, you can do that, too.

Gaiam Yoga Mat


Gaiam Yoga Mat, $42.65

Much like FoldUP’s iconic yoga mat, this baby from Gaiam offers a similar square finish that can be easily slotted into a laptop bag (for all my corporate girlies) or a car seat pocket for easy access and transportability at literally all fkn times. It’s a little lighter on when it comes to support, being 2mm thick, so if you like a thin yoga mat, this is the go!

Avoalre Travel Mat

Avoalre Travel Mat, $20.78

This bad boy offers a similar thing (for a competitive AF price?!). The only difference is that it boasts 5mm of support as well as three different layers (including an imitated layer for gripping, a memory foam layer for quick resilience and a tear-resistant layer that provides high durability) to protect your busted ass knees.

Mikkoa Travel Mat


Mikkoa Travel Mat, $119

Developed without any nasties like PVC, TPE or silicones, this gorgeous mat boasts a natural rubber base layer for optimal joint protection. It’s also fitted with a moisture-wicking microfibre fabric that’ll make your mat grippier the sweatier it gets, so you won’t be slipping and sliding around like there’s no tomorrow in the hot yoga room.