From Saucy Bikinis To Flattering One-Pieces, Here’s 20 Aussie Swimwear Brands Worth Shopping

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Summer is here, which means we’re in the business of spending every hot, sweaty day in swimwear by the closest body of water — pool, beach, river, dam, sprinkler, etc. — lathering ourselves in SPF between dips.

If you’re reading that thinking “ah, same,” but you’re struggling to find the right pair of togs, you’ve come to the right place. Maybe you’re looking for one that holds you in for plenty of wave-catching or whatever sporty stuff you get up to in the ocean. Or maybe you’re looking to flaunt that beautiful body of yours. Whichever it is, we’ve found a set of togs to suit your needs.

From one-pieces and surf sets to bikinis and booty shorts, there’s something for every style and budget.

The Best Australian Swimwear Brands


Pronounced “Bai-ah”, this Aussie swimwear label was designed for everybody. Coming in a range of different cuts and colourways, Baiia makes everything from dresses and sarongs to bikinis, full pieces and wrap suits in sizes 4 to 26.

Lahana Swim

These days, Lahana is pretty much synonymous with swimwear. Born on Aussie beaches, the saucy swimwear brand offers a range of flattering cuts and prints that’ll suit your swimwear wardrobe.


Sommer Swim

If you’re looking for something on the sexier side, Sommer Swim is where you’ll find it. The brand offers a range of unique cuts and bold prints, which are statement pieces that go beyond just a day at the beach.


I think just about everyone has at least one Seafolly swimsuit dangling in their closet.

Sir The Label

If you’re already a fan of Sir’s timeless pieces, you will undoubtedly love their swimwear range. It’s elegant, elevated and perfect for taking you from the beach to the bar.

RAQ Apparel

Designed with busty babes in mind, RAQ Apparel offers 56 (yes, you read that right, 56!) different boobie sizes over a D cup. The Melbourne-based label has become an instant favourite for making beach days more comfortable.


Glassons has a range of flattering cuts, prints and patterns to choose from if you’re after a cheap and cheerful summer bikini option.

Elce Swim

Sydney-based swimwear label Elce (previously Wunderlust Swim) designs classic swimwear that’s both flattering and comfortable. They also have cute beachwear for when you want to chuck on something for your post-beach bar sesh.


With an emphasis on fit, simplicity and fabric, Aussie swimwear brand FELLA has a range of swimsuits that appeals to the modern version of modesty, as well as more minimal cuts.


We’d go as far as to say that Matteau is the home of timeless swimsuits. The Aussie-born brand features a range of full pieces, bikinis and long-sleeve suits in various cuts and colours.


Jets definitely has you covered when it comes to more traditional swimsuit styles. The classic Australian brand has a range of timeless designs and cuts that are as flattering as they are beautiful.


Every Spell girlie died when they finally released swimwear, and with each new collection, they just keep getting better. We’re particularly obsessed with the most recent range (pictured).

TJ Swim

Aussie swimwear brand TJ Swim went semi-viral last year when the Oasis booty shorts started selling a pair a minute. That and the fact that a bunch of celebrities like Kylie Jenner, Chrissy Teigen and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley have been spotted wearing the Sydney-born brand.


Easily identified by its signature textured fabric, you know, the one that moulds any body shape, Aussie-born Bond-Eye swimwear is as comfortable on as it is colourful!

Andie Swim

Aussie label Andie Swim embodies everything a swimwear brand should. It was designed for those who love being by the water and wanna feel confident and comfortable while doing activities. They also boast a size range of XS to XXXL.

Camp Cove Swim

If you’re after more sustainable swimwear, Camp Cove Swim is made in Australia using recycled fabrics. The local brand often features a bunch of retro prints and cuts like surf shorts and long sleeves for the more actively inclined beach girlies.


You probably remember Triangl swim from its iconic neoprene bikini days. Nowadays, the Aussie label does a range of mix-and-match prints and materials that are perfect for summers by the beach.

Zulu & Zephyr

Known for its minimal, vintage-inspired designs, Zulu & Zephyr makes dreamy swimwear that screams nostalgia for Aussie beach culture.

Cotton On Body

Again, if you’re looking for affordable but cute swimwear, Cotton On Body is a great place to start.


Whenever I see Peony swimwear, it makes me wanna book a flight to Europe and never return. Peony’s cuts and colours are romantic, girlie and worthy of space in your wardrobe.