I went away to a small beach town for the holiday break, and was really impressed with how many beach-goers were doing the sun safety thing. Sunscreen reapplications, rashies, hats, beach umbrellas – it was all happening. But let’s talk beach umbrellas, because there were a few absolute BEAUTS on display, and I was so obsessed I went and found out the brand.

As someone who really likes to immerse herself in a very forced way into a 70s aesthetic, I HAD to have this one – which I spotted on the beach before drooling accordingly.

Business & Pleasure Premium Beach Umbrella In Paisley Bay, $299

The faded vintage yellow! The fringing!! The FLORAL NAN COUCH UNDERNEATH BIT!!! Christ, it’s so extremely me. So I asked the girl sitting under it where she got it from, and she told be Business & Pleasure Co.

They’re an Aussie company in the business of making beach shades, from umbrellas to tent thingies.

Business & Pleasure Premium Beach Tent In Lauren’s Navy Stripe, $299

They have premium and “holiday” versions of both beach tents and umbrellas, the holiday version being a more convenient, smaller style ideal for travelling with.

Business & Pleasure Co Holiday Beach Umbrella In Stone Cold Fox Prairie, $179

They also do some extremely cute beach chairs, which aren’t a personal vibe because I enjoy lying like a beached whale at all times in the sand. But if you prefer a recline, there’s the Tommy…

The Tommy Chair in Vintage Yellow Stripe, $249

Or the 2-Piece Chair:

The 2-Piece Chair in Lauren’s Navy Stripe, $179

As well as cooler bags:

The Premium Cooler Bag in Le Basque, $79

Beach bags:

The Beach Bag in Lauren’s Rust Stripe, $59

And the best goddamn beach towel I’ve ever seen:

The Beach Towel in Vintage Yellow Stripe, $59

Some styles and colours have sold out, no doubt because bloody everyone in Australia is falling in love with them. My precious umbrella for example is RUDELY sold out, here’s hoping they do a restock soon!

Image: Instagram / @businessandpleasureco