Swimmers That Actually Hold Up Your DD+ Boobs Without Looking Hideous

Buying swimmers when you’ve got boobs on boobs on boobs is bloody hard. I know – I’m a 10E, it’s a nightmare of life. In fact the other day I was fitted and the bra fitter told me I was actually an 8F, which is a scenario I refuse to accept, frankly.

The thing is, when you’re buying bras you’ve got a plethora of choice, and also that shit’s staying under your clothes anyway for the most part so even if you have to concede and buy the shopping bag situation, you’re not too fussed bc no one has to see it if you don’t want them to.

Swimwear, though? That’s on display. It’s essentially a fashion choice – and having big boobs in togs season SUCKS. Half the styles cover one single nip. The other half look like you’re wearing a bra to the beach.

Thank God for innovation, because plenty of brands have gotten a clue and a half when it comes to swimwear that caters to the big-boobed babe. Here’s our faves.


I’m yet to try these guys, but they’re on my list when my current bikini carks it. I’ve heard rave reviews about their styles being incredibly supportive but not “shopping baggy” from friends. They keep the fashion element in big-boobed swimwear.


Camp Cove Swim are massively on the rise – all thanks to their retro-fab prints and range of styles to suit all shapes and sizes. I have their Lena top and it is the perfect style for when you want support but not full coverage. Really holds you in, and the adjustable tie-back is a DREAM and a half for when you’re big in the boob dept but small in the back.


Normally I’m skeptical about brands that are started by the insta-famous. But Monday Swimwear holds up. This is likely because Devin – one half of team Monday – has DD boobs and therefore has the same problem all of us have when it comes to finding supportive togs.


Raq currently make one bikini, in one colour (black), but it’s been entirely designed for gals with big boobs. It’s perfect for when you love the triangle shape but just can’t squish all of your baps into the non-underwire style.


Jets have long been the go-to for anyone needing support without scrimping on style. They make a whole range of expertly created styles that really run the length of summer without losing their support or shape.



Don’t think ASOS only makes stuff for tiny human beings – their home brand makes some amazing DD+ swimwear that I’ve invested in every year. They’re always on trend when it comes to colours, patterns and shapes which means you’re not having to forgo your favourite looks just to squash a boob into a bikini.