Finding anything to lock down generously-sized knockers is a trial and a half. Hell, that’s why I wrote this yarn about supportive swimwear a few weeks ago. I myself am an 8F (I know, it’s insane to me also) and struggle constantly to find everything from daily supportive bras that don’t look like shopping bags, to swimmers that will stay put in the surf.

One thing that particularly irks me is finding sexy lingerie. When you’ve got big boobs, the cute-and-flimsy stuff isn’t going to fly, at least not unless it also incorporates good materials and some seriously major straps to hold those girls up.

On the flip side, loads of sexy bras for big boobs also end up with too much material. To the point where you stop feeling sexy and start feeling like you’re in a lacy strait-jacket.

Luckily, brands are cottoning onto the fact that, y’know, not everyone is a Victoria’s Secret model with perky C cups.

Here are some of my current faves making bras for us big-bap folk.


Lonely are one of the best and most well-known brands in terms of making bras for women of all shapes and sizes. They’re extremely committed to inclusivity, and have heaps of styles that’ll suit you no matter what the size/shape of your bewbs.

I’m especially about these babies:

Lonely Lingerie Lenni Underwire Bra in Cactus, $83.65
Lonely Lingerie Lulu Underwire Bra in Caramel, $102.24


There was a time when Pleasure State didn’t really offer much for DD+ gals, but these days loads of their best, sexiest styles go all the way up to G – even in a size 8 back.

I’m especially about these:

Pleasure State Lupita Josefina Underwire Long Line Bra, $99.95
Pleasure State Lolita De La Huerta Contour Plunge Bra, $99.95


This Melbourne-based brand is made by women, for women and like Lonely they pride themselves on their inclusivity and body positivity, so you’ll see their designs modelled on women of all different body shapes. Their Busted range is DD-G and manages to keep the sexy while giving support and lift.

My votes:

Silent Arrow Busted Bring It Cross Front Swim Bra, $88
Silent Arrow Busted Can’t Deal Bra, $68


European brand Elomi go up to a J cup and continually cop rave reviews for their great cuts and shapes – particularly for pushing larger busts “in” on the sides – anyone who has had an overflow of boobage knows this can be an issue.

My picks are:

Elomi Sachi Plunge Bra, $89.95
Elomi Marlies Dekkers Dame De Paris Plunge Bra, $139.95


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This iconic French brand has long been known for making delicate, feminine styles for larger busts. Think Parisian levels of style but with sizes that fit a hefty amount of boob.

My picks:

Chantelle Paris Rive Gauche Bra, $119.95
Chantelle Paris C’Est Chic Bra, $99.95


Another French brand, Simone Perele is known for providing chic, sexy lingerie options for bigger boobed gals of all body shapes. Their ‘Curvy’ range in particular is renowned for always featuring beautifully designed bras.


Simone Perele Wish Deep Half Cup Bra, $124.95
Simone Perele Wish Half Cup Bra, $114.95
Image: Lonely Lingerie