How To Shop For Swimwear Without Having An Emotional Breakdown

There is no hell on Earth quite like trying to find your new summer swimwear. Hell, most of us just wear the trusty one we bought four years ago until it literally falls to pieces on our body. It’s arguably the worst kind of shopping – finding jeans miiight beat it out for #1. But we can all agree it’s the worst, no matter what your body type.

We hit up Tash Oakley and Devin Brugman, founders of Monday Swimwear, for their tips on how to navigate the whole fiasco. And no, we’re not talking the standard “get a fake tan before you go!” shit. This is the real deal about shapes and styles that’ll likely suit your bod, so you can halve your shopping time.


Ugh, as a fellow D+ cup gal I FEEL YOUR PAIN. Boobs were not made for like, 50% of swimmer tops. Sure, you can wear a teeny top and have yours spill out the sides all sexy – and mate, all power to you, absolutely – but if you want something supportive or full-coverage, you’re in for a hunt.

Devin is well familiar with this issue, so naturally Monday Swimwear has some choice styles that help a gal with big boobs out.

“You wan anything with an underwire or a support band under the bust,” she says. “In Monday Swimwear, that’s styles like the Clovelly, Somerset and Tulum tops, because they were designed with larger cup sizes in mind.”

She also suggests you go for something with adjustable straps for extra support. Another great option if you’re of the big boobs/small frame build is to get a tie-back top – this means you can go up in size to find something that covers your ta-ta’s but still have it fit snugly around your chest.


If you’re on the smaller-cup side of boob life, it can be insanely hard to get some cleavage going in a bikini. Most flatten out what you’ve got going on, and maybe you’re cool with that – but if you’re not, Tash has some tips for ya.

“A classic triangle is always a winner. But bralette styles and wrap styles are becoming increasingly popular,” she explains.

Wrap styles are particularly good at creating cleavage – because they’re pulling your boobs inward on either side, not separating them. Similarly, bralettes give lift, and if you can find one with removable padding, even better.

If you want to avoid a flat look, best to stay away from one-pieces that don’t have built-in cups, or bandeau styles.


Firstly – stop that. All butts are GREAT. And your insecurities are likely all in your head. But as a fellow woman accosted with images of perfect peachy butts on my Instagram all day, I’m well aware that butt anxiety is a real thing and finding swimmers that don’t make you break out in nervous hives is a drama and a half.

“If you’re anxious about your butt looking too big, then fuller coverage bottoms are the way to go,” explains Devin. “But most importantly, stay away from any suits that have bulky elastic in the seams as this causes them to dig in, giving you lumps and bumps where you don’t want them!”

For anyone concerned their butt is too “small”, the trick is cheeky bottoms.

“Go for a cheeky, higher cut,” says Tash. “It will give the illusion of a bigger derrière, and offer a little shape if you’re still in the process of building that booty.”


The obvious answer here is a one-piece. And thank god they’re super, super in for 2018 summer. But high-waisted bikini bottoms can be a god-send if you’re self-conscious about your tummy – especially if you really like separates.

If you’ve got your eye on a top style but the matching bottoms are teeeeny, don’t be afraid to mix/match. In fact, it’s kind of the primo trend for this summer – just go with a complementing colour or pattern, or pick some plain black bottoms so they’ll go with all your tops.


If you reaaaally CBF, the Monday ladies have two styles the reckon suit everyone.

“Every person who tries the Bahamas one piece wants to take it home with them,” they say. “It’s a classic suit, sexy, extremely
comfortable, soft and features a support shelf inside for larger busts, so in terms of being figure-friendly, the Bahamas
one piece definitely ticks all the boxes.”

If you’re more into bikinis, they suggest a classic triangle – they’re kind of universally flattering, even if they’re not the perfect style on everyone.

PSA: Monday Swimwear’s got a pop-up happening in Sydney this weekend (11th and 12th November) if you wanna check out their Resort ’18 collection first hand – Devin and Tash will also be there to help style you up.

Head to La Piscine, 36 Mona Road, Darling Point between 11am and 3pm.