When it comes to sport, crop tops just don’t usually cut the mustard if you’ve got big boobs. Trust me, I am one of you. As a 10E, I have had the experience of the cute-strappy-crop that barely contains a nipple in practice.

But! I also have a job where I can try out a lot of things without spending thousands of dollars and then lamenting a crappy returns policy. So I’ve done a round up of crop tops I’ve tried, that go the distance for big busts.

A NOTE, THO: there is no point wearing a crop top if you’re a D+ and want full support. Go get a good sports bra for that, trust me. These are for like, pilates/yoga/walks/hanging around on the weekend pretending you’ll do a stretch class but really you’ll just watch Love Island. Some are hectic enough that they can support you through a sort of medium-impact fitness class, but IMO go the sports bra for anything beyond the chill stuff.

1. Lululemon X Barry’s Stronger As One Bra

Lululemon X Barry’s Stronger As One Bra, $79

If there was ever going to be a crop top that supported you enough to go for a jog with D+ boobs, this would be it. I can wear this and like, jump a fair bit without bounce, is what I mean. It’s supportive but it also looks damn good, as Lululemon stuff always does.

2. Nike Rival

Nike Rival Women’s High-Support Bra, $80

This bra is the new remodel of one I had a couple of years back, and it’s 10/10. This new version also offers sizes up to 44GG, which is legendary stuff from Nike – there aren’t too many brands doing bang-up great sports crops for big boobs.

3. Cotton On Workout Cardio Crop

Cotton On Workout Cardio Crop, $19.95

While these don’t give you HEAPS of support (enough for walking or yoga/pilates vibes), the coverage is excellent – I have heaps of them in different colourways, the cross-over back looks cute under tanks and they go up to 3XL, which gives great coverage for a variety of boob sizes.

4. The Upside Python Anna Crop

The Upside Python Anna Crop, $99

Another one that isn’t necessarily hyper-supportive, but looks awesome and will fit your boobs.

5. FlightMode Arcade Crop

Flightmode Arcade Crop, $59

I don’t have this specific crop, but I have an older style and it’s a) really cute (nice strappy back) and actually quite supportive.

6. Running Bare Perfect Form Bra

Running Bare Perfect Form Sports Bra, $79.99

I have several Running Bare crop tops and they’re all firm enough to hold the girls in place, which is v v important.

7. Under Armour Perpetual Sports Bra

Under Armour Perpetual Sports Bra, $70

One of the issues you find with crop tops when you’ve got big boobs is that they’re, well, not cute. I like this Under Armour one because the extra straps (they then cross at the back, it’s really cute) give a bit of style to what is otherwise a really supportive bra.

Image: Instagram / @lululemon