Alix Earle Has Been Wearing This $180 Aussie Bikini On Her Euro Vacay & They’re In Stock

Alix Earle Bydee
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One flick through TikTok and you’re bound to come across one of Alix Earle‘s famous GRWM videos. She’s got over 10 million TikTok and Instagram followers who all hang off her every word, beauty recommendations and styling tips — us included. So naturally, when we saw her wearing an Australian swimwear brand while on holiday, we ran to add one to our carts.

The beauty influencer has been galivanting around Cannes, Capri and Venis over the last week or so wearing two of Bydee’s best-selling bikinis. Bydee is a Sydney-based swimwear brand that was inspired by founder and Creative Director, Dessy Hairis‘, Mediterranean roots.

The entire range is feminine, fun and filled with a range of flattering cuts and prints that’ll suit your swimwear wardrobe, so it’s no wonder Alix was spotted wearing them. Her first hot pink look (the Cyprus Top and Cyprus Bottom in Marseille) is giving Barbie-core and makes me want to run out and buy the entire fit immediately.

The second is Bydee’s signature Prague Top and Prague Bottom in the beautiful Hermosa print. And it’s giving exactly what Alix is serving, ‘hand me an Aperol while I’m laying on the beach in Capri’.

Now, for the best part. Somehow, both bikinis haven’t sold out completely yet AND you can score 20 per cent off the pink bikini until Sunday, June 30.

Considering that just about everyone you know is probably jetting off for a Euro summer in the coming weeks (hopefully yourself included) we’re all on the hunt for bikinis to line our suitcases with.

So, to give you a hand, we’ve pulled both of the bikinis Alix Earle has worn, plus a few of our own faves for you to shop from Bydee. You’re welcome!

We’ll be keeping our eyes peeled in case Alix Earle debuts any more Bydee bikinis on her holiday to add to our packing lists.

You can check out Bydee’s full range of swimwear and ready-to-wear clothing here.

Image Credit: Bydee / Alix Earle Instagram