Get Yr Ass To These QLD Spots Tout Suite If Yr Body Battery Is Running On 0%

You certainly never need an excuse to get away for the weekend, but sometimes when life’s got you stressed all the way out a particularly chill weekend away from it all can start looking pretty necessary. That, my friends, is when you book a flight to the most relaxed of places in beautiful Queensland and take a breather.

But of course, you need to tailor paradise to match your own personal idea of therapy.

Beach Town

I grew up by the sea so that salty ocean breeze has always soothed my soul as soon as it hits my nostrils. If it’s rolling waves you’re after, there is no end of choice for you in Queensland.

For recharging reasons, you want a peaceful and secdluded beach that doesn’t comprimise of the tropical paradise vibes. For that reason you should narrow your search down to Palm Bay on Long Island in the iconic Whitsundays. The beach is private to Palm Bay Resort guests, plus they have snorkel gear and kayaks for free hire.

Then there are the relatively unknown protected crystal waters of Basil Bay on Keswick Island closer to Mackay. Or Punsand Bay Beach wayyyy up north in Cape York. It’s one of the only places in Queensland you can stand to watch both the sunrise and sunset – both super important when you’re trying to feel all peaceful.

Yoga Retreat

Feeling all Eat, Pray, Love with it? Mate, you’re not the only one. What better way to realign your Chi than surrounded by warmth and beauty? There isn’t, which is probably why most of Australia’s best-rated retreats are in Queensland.

You could practice your ancient wellness form in the middle of the WAY more ancient Daintree Rainforest at Prema Shanti Yoga And Meditation Retreat outside of Cairns.

Nestled back into the bushland of the Gold Coast, you’ll find the beautiful Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat, co-owned by none other than Hugh Jackman. They run specific wellness retreats over the weekend too, so you can get your zen back faster.

Complete Luxury

For some people, if it’s not luxe it just isn’t cricket. Queensland caters for you in some truly unique ways. First, there’s Cairn’s first 5-star resort, The Riley. Honestly, it is bliss. With views out over the islands, a giant pool area in the middle, restaurants and bars on site that are ridic tasty and a spa that is actually heaven – you will not regret.

People absolutely rave about Silky Oaks Lodge and Healing Waters Spa in the middle of Daintree in Mossman. This eco-lodge already has you feeling at one with nature, then you can treat yourself to the ancient spa techniques and boom, you’re nurtured in body and spirit.

Or head to the middle of the outback and bathe in the great outdoors at Gilberton Outback Retreat. I’m not kidding, it’s about a 10-hour drive inland from Brissy in the middle of an 88,000-acre working cattle station. It somehow combines rustic and totally exclusive luxury into one.

Animal Therapy

I know a whole bunch of you just swooned. For many people, little can make them happier than an experience with animals. While these may not be the domesticated type you can cuddle, you can still get a front seat to their adorable shenanigans at a lot of places around Queensland.

If you’re a fan of our national animal, the kangaroo, you’ll be pleased to know that you can enjoy these bouncy creatures AND the beach all at once. You know those iconic Aussie photos of kangaroos all over the beach? That’s Cape Hillsborough in the Mackay area.

If the baby turtles are your thing, Mon Repos Beach near Bundaberg is THE place for nesting Loggerhead Turtles to lay their eggs. Turtle season is from mid-October to the end of April, so time your trip well and be sure to follow ranger instructions while you’re there.

The most obvious wildlife encounter when you think of Queensland is snorkelling in the Great Barrier Reef, right? Of course, that gives you over 2,300 kilometres of choice when it comes to WHERE to snorkel. Here are a few mind-blowing ideas we prepared earlier.