Ella Ding Said The Bachelor Would Be A ‘Step Down’ In Part 2 Of Her Spicy Post-MAFS Interview

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The second half of 2022 MAFS bride Ella May Ding’s tell-all interview with So Dramatic! dropped today.

We’ve wrapped up some of the spiciest bombshells for you – but make sure you’ve caught up on Part One first.

Let’s dive in…

Ella thinks Mitch and Tamara had the hots for each other the whole time

So as we know, it was revealed at the reunion that Tamara Djordjevic slid into Mitch Eynaud’s DMs to try and meet up with him in Sydney. For context, this DM slide occurred two days before the reunion and before the final vows…

Mitch told Ella that Tamara had reached out, but decided not to go to dinner because “it doesn’t look good”. 

Tamara claims she asked Mitch to dinner because she thought Ella and Mitch were over – but Ella wants to know how Tamara could have possibly known this because she was out of the experiment by this point. 

Ella reckons Mitch and Tamara were sneakily chatting amongst themselves due to a longstanding mutual crush – and that’s why Tamara felt comfortable asking Mitch to dinner. 

According to Ella, Mitch “embarrassed” Tamara at the reunion

Ella confronted Mitch after everyone found out that he had called Tamara – and he denied everything.

“I think he played both of us at that stage,” Ella said. 

Tamara appealed to Mitch to tell the ‘truth’ behind the phone call at the reunion – to no avail. She ended up walking out in frustration. 

So Dramatic host Megan Pustetto then asks the question that’s honestly on everyone’s lips – “how did they go from that, to then apparently dating?”

“Because he kind of embarrassed the shit out of her.”

Mitch got Tamara’s number from Ella

The couples made a few relatively harmless pranks on each other during their time in the experiment.

Ella revealed Mitch wanted to prank-call Tamara and Brent after the phone-searching task, pretending the couple had a huge fight over it.

They called Brent, and it was funny – but then Mitch wanted to call Tamara too. Separately – because Tamara and Brent weren’t living together at the time. Sus!

Ella gave Mitch Tamara’s number for the prank…and the rest is history.

Mitch apparently thought Tamara was watching his Insta stories before the experiment

Ella said her insecurities about Tamara and Mitch’s relationship “built up” over time throughout the experiment. 

“At the start he said that she’d been watching his stories before being in the experiment.” Ella said.

“I didn’t know anyone at MAFS…It didn’t make sense to me, but I sort of just forgot about it.”

Tamara always seemed more interested in Ella and Mitch’s relationship than anyone else

Everyone couple in the experiment are always up in each other’s business. It’s kinda the whole point of the show.

But Ella thinks that Tamara was always just that little bit more interested in her relationship with Mitch than with any other couple.

“She’d always ask, like, is Mitch gonna move to Melbourne, are you gonna move to Queensland,” Ella recalled on the pod.

“She’d ask about our sex…she had her eye on him, for sure.”

Ella reckons they *definitely* knew each other before the show

With everything we now know about Mitch and Tamara’s behaviour throughout the experiment, it does make sense that they might have known each other before filming.

They apparently worked in the same building before the show too – which makes Tamara’s alleged Insta story-stalking a lot juicier.

“They’ve got a lot of mutual friends.” says Ella.

“To be honest, surely [they knew each other]…I wouldn’t be surprised…they deserve each other.”


Mitch “made up” that he “grabbed Tamara’s ass” in the pool as a prank – but it never aired

Mitch, the prankster king apparently, thought it would be funny to ‘make up’ that he had grabbed Tamara’s ass in the pool at the retreat while Ella wasn’t around. Peak comedy.

The prank never made it to air, but Ella says it did happen and it was filmed.

She says Mitch, Samantha Moitzi and Tamara were in on it.

Whether or not any actual ass-grabbing went on in that pool remains to be seen – but joking about it is pretty weird.

Mitch is possibly seeing someone from Brisbane

This guy…

Ella says that according to one of Mitch’s good friends, he’s currently seeing someone from Brisbane.

Apparently he’s also hardly told his friends anything about his relationship with Ella, Tamara, or anything else about his time on the show.

Not to mention there’s been multiple recent public sightings of Mitch and Tamara together – so what’s the go?

Mitch lost his shit when photos of Ella and Brent came out, blocked Ella over it

Apparently when the Daily Mail photos of Ella and Brent at the beach were published, Mitch “went to town.”

“He blocked my calls, he said ‘we’re not friends, we’re done, I look like an idiot,” says Ella.

“He blocked me on Facebook, WhatsApp and iMessage.”

So Mitch can dish it out but he can’t take it? Typical.

Tamara tipped the paps off when she and Mitch were photographed with the bouquet of roses

Remember those weird candid photos of Mitch and Tamara, and Tamara is carrying a bouquet of roses?

Yeah well – according to Ella, Tamara actually alerted the paparazzi that took those pics herself.

“[Mitch] had no idea that there were paps, but Tamara knew.” Ella revealed.

Apparently Ella then told Mitch about Tamara’s pap plan – and she denied it.

So what’s the truth?

Ella’s moving to Sydney

Ella’s originally from Victoria but said she was moving to Sydney “in the next few months.”

“I said to myself, whatever comes from this experience, I’m going with it. Whether it’s friends or love or opportunities – if love fails I’m going to put all that energy elsewhere.”

We love a post-breakup city move – a surefire cure to a broken heart.

She doesn’t want to do Bachie – reckons it’s a step down from MAFS

Omg the shade. There’s understandably a lot of demand for Ella to be the next Bachelorette, but she’s not keen on the role.

“I think it’s a bit of a step down, to be honest.”

…but she does want to do more TV, or maybe a podcast

Ella considers herself a “yes girl”, keen to take on any opportunities that her newfound fame might present.

She now has a manager and has already been presented with some “amazing” brand deals. Go off queen.

She says she “loves talking about dating, relationships, women, men…so I would really love to do a podcast.”

Ella’s even open to doing the pod with Domenica Calarco – and you can sign us up.

Have a listen to the full ep here.