5 Reasons Why Knuckles, The Shy Relatable King From Sonic, Is The Superior Character To Play

Knuckles from Sonic The Hedgehog with text reading i'm just one of the girlies and heart face emojis

I’ll admit it, I was a SEGA kid. I have an older brother who I’d constantly try to impress while growing up, so of course I dabbled in games here and there. Child me also confidently asked him to punch me in the stomach because I was tough, which was a terrible idea. I do not recommend this. 

Anyway, we loved playing Sonic the Hedgehog together, zooming around and discovering new levels. For a while, I always chose to play as the super speedy Sonic, but once I discovered Knuckles, it was Game Over for the blue hedgehog

The staunch red echidna is one of Sonic’s rivals-turned-besties, but he looks so damn cool with his red dreadlocks and ability to get under Sonic’s skin. He has super strength, so he can dig, smash shit and break through walls. SEGA has also given Knuckles the best personality of the lot, as his lore includes the love of a cheeky grape.

Knuckles and two characters from the Paramount+ show
Is this not the coolest character you’ve ever seen? (Image: Paramount+ Australia)

Let me convince you Knuckles is far superior to Sonic:

Knuckles can fly 

Let me clarify before the gamers come for me: Knuckles can glide. It’s not exactly the power to whiz around in the air forever, but he uses his red dreadlocks to somehow glide through the air. If I had the choice between super speed or flight, I’d choose flight every single time. Imagine wanting to get a little treat from the next state over? Just ~glide~ there and voilà!

Knuckles is a confirmed *shy girlie*

His character traits are just like mine, so this could be why I feel a connection with Knuckles. He’s described as a grape-loving introvert who gets nervous around his crushes. His favourite things include “being left alone”, “peace and quiet” and “digging holes”. The red echidna has a pretty extensive list of dislikes, including “being thought of as weak”, “being betrayed”, and “hurting innocent people”. I reckon he’d be a fan of Taylor Swift

Knuckles at a bowling alley from the Paramount+ show
He’s so me. (Image: Paramount+ Australia)

He changes the game

Sonic can’t swim, dig or fly, but you know who can? Knuckles. His character changes the Sonic Adventure series because his abilities unlock new areas that you’d never know existed. There are secret areas that Tails and Sonic don’t have access to, so you can discover shortcuts, extra sections of levels and new bonuses. Instead of speeding through the game, you can take your time and actually enjoy it. Smell the roses and all that jazz. 

He simply had Main Character Energy

The game designer Takashi Yuda created Knuckles with the idea that he’d create conflict as a supporting character, but there was no intention to have him become one of Sonic’s crew. His super strength and unique game abilities were such a hit, that SEGA gave Knuckles a starring role in Sonic & Knuckles

He’s scared of ghosts 

I don’t have much to say except he’s so real for this. 

Knuckles would beat Sonic in a fight

I have zero evidence to back up this final point, but it’s true. In the movie universe, Knuckles was able to pummel Sonic easily during two fights. They’re now besties, so I doubt they’ll fight again, but Knuckles is much stronger. 

Plus, if you use the Super Emeralds in the game to turn the echidna into Hyper Knuckles, there’s no chance Sonic is getting a look in. 

I’ve always thought Knuckles deserved more screen time, so I’m planning to watch Knuckles with my older brother. It’s set between Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and 3, and it’ll be intriguing to see how they flesh his personality out. Sonic the Hedgehog 3 drops later this year, so Knuckles is essential viewing to understand the third movie. Plus, Idris Elba is the voice behind Knuckles, so I was instantly sold.

Knuckles is now streaming, only on Paramount+.