Toodle-oo, Guvnah: MAFS’ Olivia Booked A One-Way Ticket To The UK Without Her Geezer Jackson

Married at First Sight's Olivia Frazer and Jackson Lonie sitting at a table with glasses on the table and black text overlaid that says 'time for a pint den, innit?'

Married At First Sight’s Olivia Frazer has booked a one-way ticket to the UK without her on-again, off-again boo Jackson Lonie and I cannae bloody keep up wiv all dis tomfoolery, bruv.

Olivia dropped the bombshell during an Instagram Q&A on June 12, where she announced she’s jetting off to Nessie’s homeland this week and doesn’t know when she’ll be returning to Australia.

Screenshot of Married at First Sight contestant Olivia Frazer answering 'So many travel Qs... when? Where? How long? Alone? Xxx' on Instagram
I also have a lot of travel questions.

“This week, I’m going to Scotland alone to meet up with my best friend Malcolm,” she said.

“I’ll be seeing my friends and family throughout the UK.

“I should be gone for.. I don’t know how long, it’s a one way ticket. I’m hoping Jack will come at some point, fingers crossed.”

She then announced Jackson isn’t tagging along because he’s too busy… shredding?

Married at First Sight contestant Olivia Frazer answers 'Is Jackson going travelling with you also?' on an Instagram story
Will we see a Lonie in London?

“I’m desperately trying to convince him,” she said.

“He’s training really hard at the moment, so he doesn’t want to break his routine, which I understand but I also want him to come with me for a bit.”

Sorry, what? As the saying goes, “not my circus not my monkeys,” but it’s comprehensible that your boyfriend won’t come on holiday with you because he would rather go to the gym?

Earlier today, Olivia did another Instagram Q&A as she waited in a queue at the airport, ready to jet off on her Bri’ish adventure.

She didn’t provide too many groundbreaking updates, but she did clarify that she will be travelling for “about 1 month – 6 weeks,” but is “not sure yet.”

Married at First Sight contestant Olivia Frazer answers 'How long will you be overseas for?! Stay well, stay hydrated' on an Instagram story
I am also dying for a water after all of this.

And, after a big three days, Olivia’s serious attempts to persuade Jackson to come with her may have paid off.

Married at First Sight contestant Olivia Frazer answers 'Will Jackson come overseas at some point or is he busy training' on an Instagram story
The man is committed to his craft.

“He’s thinking about coming for a little while for my birthday,” she said.

In a separate Instagram story, the Cancerian confirmed her birthday is coming up on July 12, which should give Jackson ample time to stock up on protein powder and meal prep.

The situation is particularly spicy, considering the couple’s batshit history.

ICYMI: in May, Jackson was spotted smooching Han Hughes, who ended up being a TikToker and proceeded to splice together some saucy videos about the snog. A friend of the couple told Daily Mail Australia the video left Olivia “broken”.

Next, the pair’s publicist Max Markson refuted Domenica Calarco‘s claims the pash was a publicity stunt. Then, according to So Dramatic!, Olivia allegedly told a fan that Han had “taken advantage” of Jackson.

Han has since clapped back at Olivia’s claims in a series of Instagram stories, where she said if she watched the video, “she would know that he was just as into it as I was.”

Just last month, a “friend of the couple” told Yahoo! Lifestyle the pair were “officially over” and Olivia was “planning on heading overseas without him to stay a while with relatives”. However, the two were papped at Sydney Airport together shortly after.

Can you believe it’s only been a month? It appears that, similar to dogs and humans, four months in the MAFS calendar equates to roughly 36 non-reality television months, which is the only plausible explanation for all of this MF drama.

But if Jackson does head to the UK for Olivia’s birthday, it’s just under a month away. And according to my calculations, that means at least three years’ worth of salacious drama will happen in this short timeframe.