MAFS’ Olivia Has Responded After Someone Claiming To Be Her Mate Shared Why She & Jackson Split

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

Freshly single MAFS bride Olivia Frazer has slammed a rumour banging around about why she and Jackson Lonie broke up.

Taking to her Instagram Story, Olivia said the rumours had made her “angry” and said the source who supposedly knows her is “BS.”

“Any gossip or speculation or BS that you read online is just that, gossip and speculation,” she said.

“Unless it comes from Jackson and I directly, do not believe anything.”

She added that even if a site is claiming “they’ve got a source that knows Olivia and Jackson directly, don’t believe it.”

“I’ve always been very transparent with you guys, so has Jackson, and if there’s anything else to say, we will say it,” she concluded.

We’re assuming that this is referring to a report published by So Dramatic! about their breakup.

Someone claiming to be a mate of Olivia and Jackson spoke to the podcast and shared why they think the pair split up.

According to them, the couple broke up in May shortly after the cheating scandal.

“They broke up after he cheated, but she didn’t want him getting even more hate than they had already been getting,” the source said.

“So they agreed she would go overseas and that they would split on [her] return.”

ICYMI: In May, Jackson was filmed smooching TikToker Han (Hannah) Hughes at a bar.

The MAFS stars later shared a joint Instagram statement, claiming they’re working through things.

“It’s shit, I fucked up. It’s not the person I want to be. It’s not who I am,” Jackson began in the IG video.

“I am seeking help to try and figure out new ways to combat my emotions and how to deal with this negativity.”

Jackson concluded by addressing Olivia directly, who sat beside him as he gave his whole spiel.

“It has been shit, but I’m lucky to have Liv by my side and she has been nothing but an angel throughout it all,” he said.

Olivia then said they’re “hanging in there” and have no plans to end their relationship.

“We’re staying together. We’ve got a lot of healing to do, but ultimately, we love each other and it’s not worth throwing it away,” she said.

The video has now been deleted from both of their pages.

Earlier this week, Olivia Frazer and Jackson Lonie announced that their MAFS-born tumultuous relationship had come to an end.

“After a wonderful 10 months together we have decided to go our seperate ways,” their shared post read.

“There has always been a lot of love in our relationship and there will continue to be as we transition into a friendship.

“We have nothing but love and respect for one another, and no one is to blame for the end of this relationship. Simply a case of ‘almost perfect’.

“We hope you all can please show compassion as we navigate this privately.”

Olivia is currently located in the UK while Jackson lives in Australia.