MAFS’ Olivia Frazer might have been the villain of her season but the cheating saga she’s found herself in has seriously left me sympathising with her. Especially now that it looks like she and Jackson Lonie have broken up.

Olivia and Jackson are the only couple who stayed together after getting “married” on MAFS 2022.

In case you aren’t across the drama, Jackson Lonie was filmed kissing a woman that was not Olivia Frazer over the weekend. Olivia told the Daily Mail she was “speechless” but at the time it was understood that the two were still together.

Are Olivia and Jackson from MAFS still together?

Of course, all the drama means loads of people are asking if Olivia and Jackson from MAFS are still together. It’s a twisty, turny tale.

Yahoo! Lifestyle has reported that Olivia and Jackson split. However, that’s not consistent with videos circulating online.

According to a “friend of the couple” who spoke to Yahoo!, Olivia was left “heart broken” by Jackson’s infidelity and thought the two were going to start a family.

“As of right now, they’re officially over,” the source said.

“Jackson didn’t really apologise but instead said he hasn’t been happy for a while, which broke Olivia’s heart more.”

Wasn’t it just a couple of weeks ago that we had to endure MAFS’ Olivia and Jackson sickeningly gushing over each other in their tell-all interview? My head is spinning.

Yahoo! also reported Olivia is leaving the country, but Sydney-based paparazzi Jayden Seyfarth spotted the reality star picking up Jackson from Sydney airport.


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What is the truth??

Why was Jackson Lonie (apparently) unhappy in the relationship?

Yahoo!’s source reckons the pressure of being Olivia’s everything was way too much for the reality star/party fuckboi.

“Everything has been such an intense whirlwind since the show started airing and they haven’t spent more than a day apart,” the source claimed.

“The pressure has got to them.

“When the show wrapped filming, Jackson knew the next couple of months would be tough – but he never thought he’d have to leave his life in Melbourne behind, spend every day defending Olivia to the whole country while paying her way as no one will employ her.

“This isn’t what he signed up for.”

I mean, I guess I get that, but communicate?? Don’t just stick your tongue down another girl’s throat??

Honestly, regarding money — judging by Olivia Frazer’s OnlyFans earnings, I doubt he’ll have to worry about her financials any longer.

Wait, how TF did Olivia and Jackson get from MAFS to here?

Look, there is a lot to catch up on if you missed the drama but here are the cliff notes:

Basically, Jackson was filmed kissing a brunette woman who turned out to be Hannah Hughes. She then shared a whole bunch of spicy videos about the pash on TikTok.

Olivia told the Daily Mail she was “speechless” but didn’t give any details on if the two would stay together. A “friend” of Olivia Frazer’s said she was “broken”.

MAFS star and Olivia’s nemesis Domenica Calarco said this whole thing smells like a PR stunt. While I agree this shit feels too surreal to be true, Jackson and Olivia’s publicist has confirmed he definitely did not concoct the cheating scandal.

So, that brings us here. To reports that the two have split, in direct contrast with videos of them out in public together.

Maybe Jackson romantically ran to the airport and caught a flight to beg Olivia to take him back? If so, I hope she says no.

After the video of Jackson kissing someone emerged, Olivia responded via Instagram

Olivia’s Instagram has been a bit of a hub for drama since MAFS 2022 ended. Now, she’s released her first statement about the potential end of her relationship with Jackson via the platform.

Olivia Frazer wrote in an Instagram story that she was “heartbroken” and “so embarrassed” about the situation.

“Thank you so much for the love and support during this horrendous time,” she said.

“I’ve seen so many beautiful messages and people checking and I just wanted to let you know that although I’m so heartbroken and so embarrassed, I am okay.

“Your kindness means everything right now. I will be focusing on healing from this privately.”

Honestly, what a mess.

Olivia and Jackson haven’t released any other statements about their relationship. Here’s hoping Olivia is getting some solid support.