Alyssa Has Spilled Serious Tea About Duncan & Evelyn In Her First Tell-All Since MAFS

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Married At First Sight‘s Alyssa Barmonde has made some explosive claims about her ex Duncan James Simpson during an episode of the Lara on Eyre: After MAFS edition podcast.

Up until now, Alyssa hasn’t really explored tell-all interviews or talked about her time on the show outside some chaotic Instagram Q&As (like every other person on the MAFS cast appeared to have done TBH).

When speaking to Lara on Eyre: After MAFS edition, Alyssa mentioned that Duncan’s exes had reached out to offer “inside knowledge” to her on social media after seeing their relationship play out on MAFS 2023.

While Alyssa — who became famous for the line “I have a child” — was reluctant to “say too much” about the information exchanged, she did reveal Duncan’s admission during Confessions Week.

“Duncan confessed that he’d broken up with every single one of his partners… not because they did anything wrong but because his expectations were too high,” she claimed.

I could be wrong (I rarely am), but it did seem like this was somewhat of a turning point for Alyssa’s behaviour during MAFS. Would I be insecure if my partner told me he had really high expectations, and felt like if they weren’t met then my sorry ass would be dumped? Absolutely.

Add to that the predicament which is Duncan’s unfairly hot face and yeah, self-sabotage would likely be on the cards. It’s not his fault that he’s pretty (obviously) but it would be difficult to date someone who looks like a Ken doll, for sure. Sevens only, please!

Alyssa also hinted at something going on between Duncan and his new IRL partner Evelyn Ellis during the couple swap challenge.

Apparently Duncan wanted to share a bed with Evelyn but Alyssa told him to sleep on the couch. Feels like a weird thing for a man who’s in a relationship to ask his girlfriend?

But also seems like an off-brand thing for Duncan AKA prince charming to suggest in general to be completely honest. He was always very by the book on that show.

Apparently Duncan said the couch was “uncomfortable” and that Evelyn was “just his mate”.

When I interviewed Evelyn and Duncan for PEDESTRIAN.TV’s We’ve Done The MAFS podcast days after their relationship announcement, the pair were quick to point out that nothing happened while on the show.

“When we did do the couple swap — nothing happened — but we did stay up talking, drinking wine til like 4am,” Evelyn explained on the We’ve Done The MAFS podcast episode.

“And that scene when we had to write confessional letters, we were a little bit hung, weren’t we?” she asked Duncan.

According to Duncan, a lot of the new couples did the same — stayed up late talking. Even Melinda Willis and Harrison Boon! Wild.

“I think they really suit each other, but I can’t say I’m surprised,” Alyssa said during the podcast, claiming that it was upsetting to not hear from Duncan or Evelyn directly.

“I was hurt that I didn’t hear from either of them about the relationship, but it is what it is,” she said.

This kind of conflicts with what Duncan had previously told Fitzy & Wippa with Kate Ritchie when asked if he shared the news or his new relationship with his ex.

“I’ve reached out to Alyssa numerous times after the show and no reply,” he told the radio show.

“That’s okay because she’s probably hurting and not feeling too good. All I tried to do was say that, if I could, if I could help, or if I could assist in some way I would, but no sort of communication.”

So did he reach out about his relationship with Evelyn and not hear back, or did he decide not to try given she never responds anyway?

Something tells me Alyssa might be over it anyway, with rumours swirling that she and Josh White (the Disney dad that left early during Season 10) are now dating after weeks of the two gassing each other up online.

The 41-year-old was also at the centre of similar rumours with Tayla Wynter and Lyndall Grace, so daddy’s either a busy boi or this new rumoured relationship is exactly that — a rumour. Who knows.

It’s hard to keep up with all the MAFS relationships but I hope Alyssa is happy and doing alright after the show’s finished airing.

I don’t think anyone wants to see their ex move on in such a public way, nor do they want to see a lowlight reel of themselves on national television for strangers to judge.

I’ve never met the girl, but I reckon her and Duncan were just a shit fit and there’s not a whole lot more to it.

PEDESTRIAN.TV reached out to Duncan and Evelyn for comment.

Chantelle Schmidt is a freelance writer and host of the We’ve Done The MAFS podcast. You can follow her on Instagram or TikTok.