MAFS’ Alyssa Is About To Launch Merchandise And I Missed The Part Where We Asked For This

Alyssa Barmonde looking shocked with mouth open and Duncan James looking into distance on MAFS

The Married at First Sight 2023 hooligans have made no secret of their plans to capitalise on their newfound fameEvelyn Ellis is slated to head up a podcast, Harrison Boon will continue to piss us all off and Alyssa Barmonde is gearing up to *checks notes* launch her own merchandise range.

The mum-of-one recently revealed her big plans on her TikTok account, AKA the only platform the cast currently has access to.

“Exciting things are coming y’all,” Alyssa penned over a video of herself sipping from a mug.

And while we hope the sip is a sign for all the tea-spilling to come, imagine our surprise when we noticed the insignia on her drinkware: a cartoon cake adorned with the phrase “I have a child”.

Obviously, because those seem to be the only four words Alyssa could muster up the whole of the experiment. The quote quickly grew legs and waddled itself into a meme and that’s how we’ve landed ourselves on the cusp of an Alyssa Barmonde resurgence.

While we fear she may be overestimating her popularity coming off the 10th season of MAFS, the 35-year-old recently revealed she was “coincidentally” sacked from her job after the series depicted her as a villain against hubby Duncan James. Fingers crossed these mugs make her some bank.



♬ original sound – Alyssa Bakes Cakes –

She hasn’t dished on any plans to broaden her merch offering. That being said, fans of the marriage experiment have taken things into their own hands, with one Reddit user proving to be #TeamAlyssa.

“The 2023 version of the stick figure family,” they penned on the MAFS_AU thread.

Underneath, a snap of their car, which sported a self-made bumper sticker reading: “I have a child #MAFS”.

mafs alyssa i have a child bumper sticker
A MAFS fan shared their new bumper sticker on Reddit. Source: Reddit/@MatlockJr.

Baby On Board, who?