In Yet Another FaceTime Blunder, MAFS’ Cam Escaped A Croc Just By The Skin Of His Peen

Fans of Married at First Sight (MAFS) will know that Cam Woods is a fiend for FaceTiming anyone who is not his expert-appointed bride, Lyndall Grace. Now, in another FaceTime blunder, the bushbashing tradie was nearly snapped up by a crocodile while on a call to co-star Alyssa Barmonde.

ICYMI: The shitshow reunion finally exposed what we’d already heard via local gossip mongers: Cam showed suspected new bae Tayla Winter his schlong over a video call while in a nightclub. The thought alone gives me the heebie-jeebies.

This time, however, a different beast was front and centre, according to Alyssa’s recent TikTok post.

The bride, best known for having a child, took to the clock app to share that Cam faced off against a crocodile in the Northern Territory.

And, it’s safe to say Tayla’s fave appendage of Cam was nearly no more.

“POV: Cameron from MAFS FaceTimes you and almost gets eaten by a croc,” Alyssa penned over a screen-recording.

During the call, the beast thrashed towards a riverbank before the camera panned to Cam. Old mate had a shit-eating grin as he tried to escape the croc faster than he did any conversation on MAFS in which he was held accountable.

The corner frame showed Alyssa in hysterics over the incident, seemingly unconcerned that her buddy was on the brink of a death roll.

Set to the tune of the not-at-all overused Oh No sound, Alyssa captioned the TikTok: “Just a regular day in the NT.”


Just a regular day in the NT

♬ Oh No – Kreepa

Users hightailed to the comment section to (rightfully) hang shit on Cam, with one expressing what we’re all thinking.

“[At] least he didn’t have his willy out.” Well, that we know of, anyway…

Others paid tribute to what could have been, assuring his MAFS ex Lyndall that “the croc will get him next time”.

As long as Cam doesn’t intend on rocking out with his croc out anytime soon, we think he’s safe for the time being.

Now to take bets for which MAFS bride will feature on Country Cam’s FaceTime call log next…