Duncan & Evelyn Made A Promise To Each Other To Not Watch *These* Specific MAFS Scenes

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You know what no new partner wants to hear about? Your ex. But unfortunately for Australia’s hottest new MAFS couple, Duncan James Simpson and Evelyn Ellis, even if they don’t talk about their past relationships with one another, it’s kind of hard to navigate that their marriages to Rupert Bugden and Alyssa Barmonde were broadcast on national television.

When Duncan and Evelyn sat down with We’ve Done The MAFS podcast hosts Chantelle Schmidt (hi, me writing this article) and Jules Rangiheuea, they admitted that this part of their new relationship is “weird”.

“It definitely takes a lot of over-communication to navigate through those feelings because it’s really weird,” Evelyn explained. “Obviously I really like Duncan, so seeing him kiss another woman, it’s a really weird feeling sometimes. It’s like, ‘What I’m watching?’”

Duncan added, “It’s weird that you can be — it’s not jealousy — but a little bit hurt watching your partner on TV because they’re with somebody else, even though at the very start of the relationship you don’t even have the right to feel like that just yet.”

When asked about how difficult it was to do interviews where they had to pretend their relationships with Alyssa and Rupert were on track, Duncan admitted it was “super hard” but that an agreement between them has made it slightly easier.

“Neither of us have watched each other’s final vows,” Duncan explained.

“We promised each other — no final vows,” Evelyn added.

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Quick refresh: both Evelyn and Duncan chose to leave their respective partners at final vows rather than continue those relationships outside of the experiment.

But even though the MAFS final vows scenes aren’t romantic or lovey, Evelyn admitted that breakups can also be hard to watch.

“I think it’s hard to watch someone you like break up with someone,” Evelyn elaborated.

Um, true. I didn’t even think of that.

Obviously avoiding MAFS scenes is harder than just turning off the telly, but Evelyn said she just scrolls past anything she sees on TikTok. Amazing discipline if I do say so myself.

Anyway, if you’re as obsessed with the caring, supportive — and yes, hot — union of these two MAFS participants as I am, get around the entire episode of PEDESTRIAN.TV’s We’ve Done The MAFS on Spotify.

Chantelle Schmidt is a freelance writer and podcast host for We’ve Done The MAFS. You can follow her on TikTok here