MAFS Fans Are Sick Of Jayden After He Threw His Wife Eden Under The Bus To Confront Sara

Married At First Sight (MAFS) fans are SICK of Jayden after he attempted to drag Sara while throwing his wife Eden under the bus.

For the last week, the Season 11 cast has been rocked by Sara’s cheating scandal. To give ya the TL;DR on that clusterfuck, Sara — who’s married to Tim — was called out by Eden and Jayden after they learned that she met up with an ex during filming. The cheating scandal blew up over a dinner party, but Sara and Tim eventually stayed and sorted their shit out.

But with Feedback Week, Sara continued to be slammed for her actions as Jayden felt very strongly about the bride’s infidelity.

On Sunday night, Jayden expressed that he still felt VERY strongly about Sara’s situation. This time it was fuelled by Eden, who told Jayden that Sara had allegedly mocked Tim when she met up with his ex.

Although Eden told Jayden that she didn’t feel comfortable with confronting the controversial bride with this information, Jayden decided to do it anyways

Eden even said that the drama gave her so much anxiety that she handed Jayden an ultimatum: if he shared the information, she would be leaving the experiment.

As mentioned earlier, despite Eden’s pleas and her anxiety, Jayden decided to confront Sara during her time on the Commitment Couch, completely throwing his reality TV bride under the bus.

“She’s just told me. She knows exactly what was said,” Jayden told Sara while pointing his thumb towards her for a split second.

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Zoo wee mama. Look. In my two cents. I’m all for confronting cheaters, bullies, meanies and all that jazz. But to throw someone under the bus — in front of EVERYONE — who has expressed anxiety and uncomfortability?

Not on, Jan! I felt like Jayden could’ve spoken to Tim and Sara privately before bringing it to the other participants and experts.

What also bothers me is that throughout this whole Sara scandal, Jayden seems to be so determined to take down the controversial bride. And as an observer, why does it feel like Jayden is trying to be a holier than thou, fourth expert on MAFS?

Like, c’mon??? On top of that, Jayden even made Eden explain the tea to the whole group. WTAF.

Thankfully, I wasn’t the only one who clocked Jayden’s shady behaviour.

Here are some of the reactions to Jayden throwing Eden under the bus on Married At First Sight

I hate to be a hater, but every time Jayden opened his mouth tonight I rolled my eyes.