A MAFS Insider Has Claimed That A ‘Yuge Chunk Of Reunion Drama Was Cut From The Final Edit

More juicy information about the Married At First Sight (MAFS) Grand Finale has been spilled. This time an insider has claimed that a ‘yuge storyline had been cut from the Reunion’s edit.

Speaking to PEDESTRIAN.TV, a production insider claimed that viewers were robbed of a Tinder scandal, where a participant was called out for being on the dating app in the lead-up to the Reunion.

According to the source, who asked to remain anonymous, Tim was called out by a fellow bride after he was spotted on Tinder. It is not clear when Tim was discovered to have the account, but the massive bombshell reportedly unfolded during the Season’s Reunion Dinner Party and Reunion Couch session.

“They cut out a big storyline from the Reunion [where] Jade called Tim out for being on Tinder,” the MAFS insider claimed.

Sara defended Tim at that Dinner Party when it came out as well, and he explained how the situation related back to a marketing tactic for a sales gig he had.

“Sara always defended him and had his back when needed. Never the other way around.”

(Image source: Nine / MAFS)

The source also claimed that Cassandra not only ripped into Sara during that explosive fight, but she also had a go at Tim for having a Tinder account.

“The Tinder thing came up on the couch again and Sara defended him to everyone,” the anonymous source continued.

“Cass had a go again, then had a go at Sara, which you guys saw.”

(image source: Nine / MAFS)

In another scathing tea spill, the MAFS insider also revealed that Cassandra reportedly apologised to Tim during the MAFS publicity day — which happened after the reunion — and told Tim to apologise to Sara for their verbal scrap during the Reunion Grand Finale.

Although it’s not known when Tim was caught on the app, the tea is quite spicy as Sara and Tim ended the season as a couple at Final Vows.

The Reunion is filmed four weeks after Final Vows

None of the participants mentioned have publicly commented on the alleged Tinder scandal. But if this Tinder situation is real, we’ve totally been robbed of ‘yuge juicy drama moment!!!

I guess we’ll have to wait until someone jumps on IG live for one of those unhinged Q&As.

Ahhh MAFS. You’re truly the gift that keeps on giving when it comes to piping-hot drama.