MAFS 2024 Recap Episode 27: Lucinda & Timothy Go Full Juvenile To Expose Jack’s Bullshit

Feedback Week continues for the MAFS 2024 recap of Episode 27 and it feels a little different this season, no? Everyone’s fingers are in everyone’s pies!

Lauren is leaving the experiment for medical reasons and I have decided to call her relationship with Jonathan here and now. Why?

Because she’s going back to Perth for an entire week and they did not even kiss goodbye. I have been known to kiss one night stands goodbye! What is this shit?

I want a refund

Cassandra and Tristan have been allocated Jade and Ridge, with Tristan having an epiphany that children such as the one Jade has are, in fact, real-life humans.

Anyway Ridge has to clean for Jade and try not to sniff her undies in the process — a challenge I’m sure a mature and responsible man like him will pass with flying colours.

I’m also going to sniff your excretions

Sara has returned from her hot-girl walk to tell Tim how she feels at a loss because no one believes her. Funny that! That’s what tends to happen when you lie several times throughout one dinner! Spare me.

Am i meant to care

Lucinda and Timothy will be returning the favour to Andrea and Dicky after the couple helped destroy a mancave for them.

They would like the MAFS experiment’s most mature couple to relive their wedding day by reciting their vows and doing the first dance. Is this not the point of the finale?

Anyway, why do I feel like their wedding day and whatever this reenactment shit they’re doing is six years apart and not six weeks? Trauma really can age a person, I guess.

It’s been 84 years

Meanwhile, Jayden and Tori have met up. This man is really on something this week because he comes out all pornographic moustaches blazing and tells her that he’s not buying her relationship with Jack.

dude, you fuck people’s friends

She rolls her eyes before calling him the “fourth expert” and have it be known that I made the call first. OK!!!

Jade is meeting up with Jack and how’s the body language from, as Lauren calls him, our top-knotted leprechaun?

Lean in further, I dare you

“You’ve got a spicy energy” Jack tells Jade. Why does this feel so flirty?

“I’ve definitely dated people like Jade in the past,” Jack tells producers and THERE IT IS. He also tells Jade that she and Ridge are in the Top 3 most attractive couples. Unsure why he’s ranking couple hotness?

He then tells Jade that she’ll be the first to know if he and Tori fuck and that it’s definitely on the horizon, which is something he has been saying for weeks now.

MAFS 2024 Recap Episode 27
one day in the next 17 years, I will fuck her

Jade reckons their relationship is like a situationship. Have I been living a lie or are you meant to actually get dick in those things?

“Must nail my wife,” Jack laughs.

Feedback Week challenges are coming from every angle like dang spread eagle because now Timothy and Lucinda will be meeting up with Jade and Ridge to learn something new. Timothy thinks Ridge is dumb and that anything he says would be a fart in a windstorm.

MAFS 2024 Recap Episode 27
I will not converse with that infant

Meanwhile, Sara and Tim are having a picnic, where she tells him that she appreciates how patient and understanding he is — things that come in handy in a partner when you’ve cheated on them.

MAFS 2024 Recap Episode 27
I’m really drawn to doormats babe

Uh oh, Ridge has told Timothy that Jack has called him and Lucinda fakes.

Lucinda said that she and Timothy are ahead of Jack and Tori in this relationship, and Timothy calls “bullshit” on “Jack’s whole personality”.

MAFS 2024 Recap Episode 27
We are further along within the frequency of the journey in which we traverse

Oh dear, we all know Timothy will be discussing this over dinner soon.

Ridge is clearly a busy boy, because now he is with Andrea and talking about her relationship with Dicky. Look, these two talking about “licking” was not on my MAFS 2024 Bingo card.

MAFS 2024 Recap Episode 27
so do like tongues still work at that age

Ridge thinks Andie is wearing the pants in this relationship and goes back to her apartment to tell Dicky that. She then tells Dicky that her boundary has been crossed twice more since the sucked/fucked comment.

He is convinced he has done no such thing and that she’s making things up! He would prefer that she just admit she’s not into him because this whole thing is fucking with his head. 

MAFS 2024 Recap Episode 27
you can go suck/fuck yourself with that attitude

Meanwhile, Lucinda and Timothy are typing up an anonymous “Bullshit Investigation” letter to Jack and Tori after hearing what they’ve been saying about them.

It says to press “any key” but I can’t find it

Lucinda feels a bit funny about it because there is no hate in her soul, but they proceed to act like children regardless, sliding it under Jack and Tori’s door before bolting away like they’d just egged someone’s house.

MAFS 2024 Recap Episode 27

The letter talks about why Jack and Tori aren’t having sex, which is a bit rich coming from them TBH, and about Jack making his ex-girlfriend seem crazy.

Jack reckons he never called his ex crazy, but sometimes the words don’t even need to be said, you know?

MAFS 2024 Recap Episode 27
Did I say that or did I just do everything in my power to discredit her

They are tasking Tori and Jack with a three-way!

A three-way phone conversation with the ex, that is.

MAFS 2024 Recap Episode 27
damn got excited for a sec

Tori is steaming from the ears over this letter and thinks it’s “too juvenile” to be from Lucinda and Timothy. 


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