‘Embarrassing’: Apparently A MAFS Star Tried To Cop A Free Meal At A Syd Venue & Got Rejected

A contestant on the upcoming Married At First Sight 2024 season has been left feeling pretty silly after they apparently tried to score a free feed from a popular Sydney venue – before the show has even aired.

According to an insider speaking to the Daily Mail Australia, an unnamed contestant tried to use their soon-to-be clout to receive a complimentary meal from the Coogee Pavilion.

MAFS Coogee Pavillion
Lovely venue though. (Image Source: Merivale)

“It was really embarrassing,” the source said.

“The audacity of asking for a table, boasting about their upcoming MAFS stint, thinking it would get them a free pass.”

Apparently, when the restaurant refused, the MAFS contestant said they’d take their business elsewhere. Sadly, their threats did not lead to a free bottle of bubbles and a plate of oysters.

“Coogee Pav does not do free meals for influencers and they definitely won’t for a MAFS star,” the insider said.

I mean, if the Coogee Pav did freebies for influencers – their prime clientele – they’d be out of business. After all, it’s an absolute hotspot for reality stars and influencers alike. Often the antics of said stars find their way into the tabloids. And it’s even rumoured to be a location where agents for shows like MAFS or The Bachelors scout for talent so if you’ve got being a reality contestant on your mood board, it might be the place to go.

In fact, we’ve even written about the Coogee Pav and how it acts like a flame to the fuckboy moth, if you will. So, I’m not entirely surprised that the Pav has been the apparent location of choice for this mystery MAFS star.

But look, I’ll admit, the claims from the source are pretty wishy-washy so take this whole thing with a grain of salt. Sometimes, these little nuggets are planted before the season begins and we’ll find out more info as time goes on.

While the upcoming season is set to launch early next year, we already had a pretty good idea of who will be appearing on the show thanks to cheeky insiders and paparazzi. You can have a look at the rumoured cast HERE.

As for who could be ballsy enough to supposedly demand a free feed before the timer on their 15 minutes of fame has begun? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

PEDESTRIAN is not implying the MAFS cast pictured were asking for free shit at the Coogee Pav.