Serial Pest Nasser Sultan Tried To Crash One Of The MAFS Dates And The Pics Are Cringe As Fuck

nasser sultan crashed mafs homestay date
Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

Married At First Sight parasite Nasser Sultan apparently crashed a homestay date in this season of MAFS and had to be edited out after he wouldn’t fk off. The second-hand embarrassment is so real.

Tahnee Cook and Ollie Skelton probably had the most wholesome homestay date of the MAFS couples in Tuesday night’s episode (and I use the word wholesome loosely), but turns out there was some BTS drama viewers weren’t privy of.

According to an anonymous source who spoke to Yahoo Lifestyle, Nasser Sultan — an ex-MAFS contestant who has soured long past his use-by date — crashed the couple’s op-shopping date in yet another bid for relevancy.

“Nasser saw them setting up to film in November and followed them around Bondi, asking producers if he could do a scene with Ollie and Tahnee,” the source told Yahoo Lifestyle.

“The crew said no and tried to get rid of him – but he crashed it anyway and introduced himself. Ollie and Tahnee totally blanked him and it was all super awkward.”

Like I said, fkn embarrassing. And the pictures are even more cringe.

The timeline of this is also pretty funny when you remember that same month, Nasser also tried to gate-crash the ARIA Awards red carpet but was refused entry. Obviously. Who does this man think he is?

He also went to the Australian Babylon premiere in January, where he made a beeline for Margot Robbie — who promptly ignored him because again, who TF does this man think he is?

These are all just part of a long list of fame-seeking antics from our least-fave attention goblin.

I mean, I still haven’t forgotten those accusations of fake followers.

Or that time he was accused of nicking a goodie bag that wasn’t for him at the 2022 Australian Fashion Week.

And it’ll forever be hilarious to me that Nasser Sultan also tried to market himself as a “fame consultant”. What would you know about fame, my dude?

You’d think a withering glance from queen Margot would humble him, but no.

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