Another day, another example of Married At First Sight groom Jason Engler allegedly being an awful person. This time, the goss is that Jason apparently dumped his MAFS bride Alana Lister over text, because she called him out for being homophobic.

In the latest episode of So Dramatic!an anonymous former contestant told host Megan Pustetto that Jason dumped Alana over text because she spoke up to him about his behaviour. Look, I feel awful for Alana because she did seem to really like Jason, but I’m not at all surprised he did that.

Once more: Jason filmed himself going on a homophobic and body-shaming rant about groom Liam Cooper in a video leaked to So Dramatic!

In the viral video, Jason called Liam a “110% wanker” and described him as “ugly, fat, chubby.”

He also called Liam, who is bisexual, “a full blown homosexual” while Liam’s ‘wife’ Georgia Fairweather and MAFS groom Johnny Balbuziente laughed in the background.

Jason publicly apologised for the video to the Daily Mail (???), basically blaming his language on one too many drinks. According to So Dramatic!, Jason hasn’t actually apologised to Liam.

So Dramatic! also claimed that the full version of the leaked video included Jason saying “racial slurs” about Alana.

Jason hasn’t publicly responded to the racism claims.

Anyway, the anonymous contestant said Alana confronted Jason over the video and that they had a “big blowout over it”.

“Alana obviously said that this was not okay and not acceptable on any level,” the contestant told So Dramatic! 

“He was also insulting Asian people, which she was obviously offended by, but it was mainly the homophobia and cruelty he was showing Liam that was the main gripe she had with it all.”

There was a lot of tension between Jason and Alana after that, and then he ended things.

“Jason then dumped Alana over text for calling out his homophobic bullshit and telling him that she didn’t agree with the video and [for] speaking up about it,” the source said.

“It’s so fucked up on so many levels, so obviously his stupid apology meant nothing.”

A second former contestant told the podcast that Jason dumped Alana via text even though they only lived an hour away from each other.

“Despite going through that whole experiment together, he didn’t even have the balls to dump her to her face,” they said.

MAFS producers really know how to pick ’em, hey?

Married At First Sight comes to an end (!) Sunday, 7pm on Channel 9. It’s finale time, baby!

Image: Nine