MAFS Trainwreck Couple Collins & Natalie Did Separate Spicy Radio Interviews About Each Other

Following MAFS couple Collins Christian and Natalie Parham‘s exit from Married At First Sight 2024, both contestants have gone and done spicy radio interviews where they spill tea about their former fake spouse.

Parham went on Hit Network’s The Pulse with Seany B & Emma G and told the hosts she “had to get out of there” and away from Collins. Ouch!

“He could just see that he was lost control of what was going on and that his journey was coming to an end,” she said.

“I knew within my heart I was like, ‘Nope! We are done’.”

She went on to say that she failed to form a connection with him, which audiences won’t be surprised by given how stiff they were on-screen.

“There were some good chats but it just wasn’t enough to form that emotional, romantic connection,” she said. 

“There was no spark after the wedding day, I was very sad.” 

As for where they stand post-experiment, she said she’s reached out to check up on him and see how he’s coping but “I got a one word answer.”

“I put the ball in his court, and he never took a bat,” she added.

What’s the one word, you ask?


She said she reckons he’s “bitter about” the fact that she made the decision to leave the show.

“He might hold resentment to me, towards me, [if] that’s how he chooses to respond to the situation, that is not a person I want to be married to,” she said.

Meanwhile Collins went on the Kyle & Jackie O Show and it went about as well as you’d expect. The shock jocks asked the controversial MAFS 2024 participant about several rumours and scandals that came up during his time on the show.

First up, he revealed that he is not a virgin and has had a relationship before.

“I do know what I want, I really do, and I just haven’t met her,” he told the hosts.

“I have fallen in love, you could say for sure, and it did go my way… they just weren’t into me. Simple as that.”

Collins and Natalie on MAFS

Collins and Natalie making their teary exit from MAFS. (Credit: Nine)

Look out Blake Lively! For context, he previously revealed that his dream girl is Blake Lively. In spite of this, people on social media have still been speculating that he might be gay.

Trying to out someone for a sexuality they have not announced to the world is very problematic so he shouldn’t have to respond to the question, but he did and here’s what he had to say.

“Am I gay? No, I’m not gay, not gay at all!”

When asked if he’s “dabbled”, Collins responded: “I remember back in maybe, Year 6, I watched gay porn just to see…I knew straight away I’m not gay!”

It was recently revealed that he and Natalie did not leave the show of their own accord, but rather they were “removed” after the bride’s father passed away.

Collins confirmed to the hosts that this behind-the-scenes intel was accurate.

“I tried to be as supportive as I could, but during the two to three weeks that we were on, it was very apparent, and Nat was really struggling with grief and home sickness and I think even the producers picked up on it,” he said.

He added that he “sucked” at being supportive for Natalie.

“I sucked! I absolutely sucked at times. I just wasn’t supporting and even with words and being a loving husband, that’s something that is all foreign territory to me, for sure.”

It all became so much for Collins, that he says he would contact producers and ask them to fly Natalie’s sister in to take over comforting her.

Collins and Natalie during a tense moment.

Collins and Natalie having a tense moment. (Credit: Nine)

So is this the last you’ll see of the couple? Nope, they’ll both be back for the reunion and I can’t wait for them to splash that one word “cheers” text across the screen.

“I’m going into the reunion with a mindset of, ‘I’m going to treat him how I felt I wanted to be treated at that first dinner party,’” Natalie said.

“I wanted someone to be there, to welcome me, to make me feel included in the group so when he walks in those doors at the reunion, I’m going to welcome him with open arms to show there’s no hatchet, there’s no battlegrounds, there’s no hate, there’s no animosity from me and hopefully he reciprocates.”