MAFS’ Timothy And Andrea Are Rumoured To Be Dating & I’m Actually Obsessed With This Couple Swap

The 2024 Married At First Sight (MAFS) season is finally over and we’ve got a shit tonne of juicy goss oozing out of this tumultuous batch. One of the spiciest pieces of post-reality TV tea is the rumoured couple swap of Timothy Smith and Andrea Thompson.

Smack that couple swap button because it looks like we’ve gotten our second one of Season 11. In a recent article by Yahoo! Lifestyle, the publication reported that the pair have been “spending an increasing amount of time together recently” following their splits from their assigned MAFS partners.

For folks who aren’t caught up, Timothy, 51, was originally paired with Lucinda Light, 43, and Andrea, 51, was originally hitched to Richard Sauerman, 62.

Alongside the scalding couple swap tea, Yahoo! Lifestyle also shared a cheeky pap pic of what is presumably Andrea and Timothy on Chapel Street with another woman, who’s believed to be Evie, Andrea’s daughter.

What makes the rumours even more spicy is that the unexpected pair were spotted having a sleepover.

According to screenshots from @MAFSgossip, obtained by, Andrea made a video about how she was watching the Final Vows with her daughter and her fellow Season 11 groom, but it was so boring he fell asleep.

It’s also worth mentioning that Andrea previously revealed that she is dating again following her split from Richard.

Honestly, I’m not too mad about this couple swap. I felt like the season was jam-packed with emotion and drama, so I believe that everyone who jumped on deserves a bloody break! Except for Jack Dunkley. Haha, kidding! He seems to be going strong with his reality TV wifey, Tori Adams.

For all the viewers who might not remember, both Timothy and Andrea are presumed to be single post-MAFS as both participants and their partners did not make it to Final Vows.

Lucinda and Timothy called it quits back in Episode 33 — despite everyone rooting for them to run away in the sunset together after their hilarious stunt as the Bullshit Investigators — and Andrea and Richard left the experiment in Episode 29.

On top of that, it seems like Mama Lu and Andrea are very close. So I definitely see her matchmaking her former fling with her MAFS pal.

In a lovely Instagram post, Lucinda (@lucindaslight) wrote about the connection she built with her fellow reality TV bride after their time in the experiment.

“I changed my flight to Byron Bay right after leaving the experiment and headed straight to Andi’s place on the Sunshine Coast,” the post began.

“What an amazing time we had, talking day and night, dining, going to the beach, doing our hair, giggling, and just being silly soul sisters.”

(Image source: MAFS / @lucindaslight)

Lucinda continued the post by sharing all the lovely things about Andrea, describing her as “quirky, kind, and a creative soul, just my type of sweetheart.”

“Thank you for welcoming me into your beautiful boho beach shack and embracing me with open arms, angel,” Lucinda wrote at the end of her post.

At the end of the day, if the rumour is true or not, I reckon Timothy and Andrea were given a ‘yuge seal of approval from Queen Lucinda. Especially after that lovely post!

Were there any couple swaps on Married At First Sight 2024?

Timothy and Andrea are not the only participants to be given the couple swap treatment. Earlier in the season, viewers were bloody spoiled after Baywatch-esque pap pics of Ellie Dix and Jonathan McCullough surfaced on social media.

Their couple swap has since been confirmed with the release of the MAFS 2024 Reunion trailer, where the pair hard launch their controversial relationship with the group.

(Image source: Nine / MAFS)

Intruder groom Ash Galati was also embroiled in couple swap rumours after a TikTok of him attending a Melbourne Fashion Week event with Natalie Parham went viral.

However, the groom has since squashed the rumours in an interview with Yahoo! Lifestyle’s Behind The Edit podcast, announcing they’re “just friends”.

Like Ash and Natalie, before the rumours were shut down, Timothy and Andrea is another couple swap I am keen to see happen IRL.

Fingers crossed they’ve been struck by Cupid’s bow and are now in love! It’s what they deserve!

Image source: Nine / MAFS