Why Does MAFS Groom Richard Sauerman Always Wears A Scarf?

It’s a question that’s boggled the mind of absolutely no one since MAFS 2024 begun: why does Richard Sauerman always wear a scarf? Well, to you people who weren’t wondering at all until you saw this, you’re in luck! Because the Married At First Sight star himself has provided us with the answer to the unasked question.

Why does Richard Sauerman always wear a scarf?

Scarf! (Credit: MAFS)

Why does Richard Sauerman always wear a scarf?

Scarf!! (Credit: MAFS)

Why does Richard Sauerman always wear a scarf?

Scarf!!! (Credit: Instagram)

Why does Richard Sauerman always wear a scarf?

Scarf!!!! (Credit: MAFS)

The 62-year-old was asked about his go-to accessory during an interview and he provided a reason for why a scarf is always hoisted on his neck.

The reasons were four-fold:

Reason #1: “Firstly, it’s a comfort thing.”

Reason #2: “I also cough a lot and use my scarf to cough into.”

Reason #3: “You never know when the weather will change and you need some extra warmth, especially in autumn and spring.”

Reason #4: “It’s also a splash of colour in my otherwise neutral coloured wardrobe.” A stylish king.

Well, that’s that on that!

In case you’re not familiar with old mate Richard, he is the oldest contestant to ever go on the show. Record breaker!

He is an advertising expert who also works as a motivational speaker who uses the moniker “The Brand Guy“.

Richard is partnered with 51-year-old photographer Andrea Thompson and they were once a fan fave couple but sadly, their connection has since fizzled.

MAFS stars Richard and Andrea

MAFS couple Richard and Andrea. (Credit: Nine)

In an episode earlier this week, Andrea called him out on his shitty attitude and it did not go down well.

“Richie, you just keep choosing not to listen. I understand you’re frustrated,” she said to him during a couch discussion.

The motivational speaker added: “Your body language now is sighing and puffing and looking away. You’re not giving me my chance to speak and have my say.”

Richard then accused her of gaslighting him, prompting Andrea to slam her notebook shut in a very dramatic moment.

The conversation ended with Richard seemingly ending their relationship, telling Andrea: “I hope you find the man. It ain’t going to be me.”