MAFS’ Andrea Shares Real Reason Why She Split From Richard, Vows To Avoid Men Who Wear Scarves

Following her departure from Married At First Sight (MAFS), Andrea has spilled a bunch of tea regarding her reality TV marriage to Richard including her *true* thoughts on his signature fashion accessory.

On Sunday night, Season 11’s golden couple Andrea, 51, and Richard, 62, officially ditched the experiment. And if you’ve been following along the whole season, you will know that this was no surprise!

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Now that she’s free from the shitstorm that is MAFS, the beloved bride has dished out a bunch of details on her relationship, what she thinks about rewatching the show and if she’s dating or not.

Speaking to Daily Mail Australia, Andrea let it slip that the real reason as to why she and Richard broke up was because their fights began to make her “feel crazy”. She also added that revisting last week’s string of episodes as a viewer was “very traumatic” for her.

“Last week was very traumatic for me watching that. Your body actually feels everything you’re feeling again, so it’s been a lot and it’s been sad,” she said.

“Seeing our fight air out. It was pretty hard. I actually felt like I was going crazy at the end.”

The 51-year-old photographer also added that she realised the relationship was donezo forrealsies after one of their arguments.

“I was done after the fight. That was my boundary one too many times,” she revealed, per Daily Mail Australia.

“I really learned it’s important to set boundaries and liken it to baseball.

“So like strike three and you’re out. Not strike 17. So it’s a much more respectful way to live and I’m gonna hold that for the rest of my life I think.”

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Although it seemed like her experience on MAFS was quite bitter, she did reveal that she and her reality tv ex “still care” about each other. She also shared that she left the show with a silly new dating rule!

“Yes, I’m definitely dating again. I just wish someone would ask me out, and I have to tell you if this guy shows up with a scarf on, I’m running to the hills,” she joked, referencing Richard’s collection of scarves.

Even though she’s not on the show anymore, I am still rooting for Andrea on her quest to find love!

She truly deserves the best after enduring that environment for our entertainment.

Image source: Nine / MAFS