MAFS’ Intruder Groom Ash Squashes Dating Rumours With Fellow Bride Natalie

Married At First Sight (MAFS) groom Ash Galati has shut down rumours he and bride Natalie Parham are involved in a couple swap, after footage of them being close surfaced on social media.

A couple of weeks ago, MAFS fans were rocked with a fresh couple swap rumour after Season 11’s Ash and Natalie were captured sharing laughs while attending a Melbourne Fashion Week event.

For those who were hopeful that the pair were a real thing (me) our dreams have unfortunately been shattered by the intruder groom.

Speaking to Yahoo! Lifestyle’s Behind The Edit podcast, Ash revealed that he and the beloved nerdy bride were “just friends”. BOOOO, tomato, tomato.

“Nat is a very, very beautiful person. I wish all the best in life, but we’re just friends,” the reality TV groom said.

“But yeah, I hope she finds love and she absolutely deserves it.”

Ah, man. Well, there you have it. Ash and Natalie are not dating. Just a couple of the bestest best friends ever.

Although he broke our hearts by saying he and Natalie were just friends, he did reveal that Cassandra would’ve been a “good match” for him.

(Image source: Instagram / @cassandraallen_ and Nine / MAFS)

I mean… Cassandra and Tristan just left the experiment, maybe he should send her a cheeky text and get the ball rolling!

How did the dating rumours between Married At First Sight‘s Ash and Natalie begin?

In late February, gossip TikTok account MAFS.Bachie.Reality (@mafs.bachie.reality) shared a video of the dynamic duo sitting together. The pair were giggling and making jokes at the camera. It was very cheeky. Very sweet.

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The rumour of their relationship was further fuelled by a pap pic — posted by @mafsgossip on Instagram — where Natalie was sitting on Ash’s lap at the same event.

The rumoured couple swap was received well amongst the MAFS fanbase as both Ash and Natalie seemed to have terrible experiences on the show.

Natalie was one of the first people to leave the experiment with her reality TV hubby, Collins Christian. What shook viewers about their departure was the fact that Collins wrote “stay” during the Commitment Ceremony, which by MAFS rules means both he and Natalie have to stay on.

Natalie and Collins left 24 hours after the groom wrote stay.

Although the pair’s departure seemed amicable on camera, an insider revealed they were “removed” out of concern for Natalie’s wellbeing.

Similarly, Ash and Madelene Maxwell left the experiment after Ash wrote “stay”. A couple of hours after the Commitment Ceremony, Ash said he was choosing to leave.

Just like Natalie, an insider claimed they were allowed to leave early, citing Madeleine’s “state of mind with the pressure of the experiment”.

Both Natalie and Ash deserve a partner that’ll love every inch of them! Hopefully, that love is around the corner.

It’s truly what they deserve.

Image source: Nine / MAFS