MAFS’ Least Promising Couple Apparently Already Broke Up And *Pretends To Be Shocked*

mafs holly andrew split

If you’ve been wanting some tense reality TV drama in this year’s Married At First Sight then look no further. Apparently, a MAFS couple has not only busted up, but can’t even be in the same room as each other. OOF.

According to insider tea via the Daily Mail, MAFS’ least promising couple, cinema manager Holly and Texan tantrum having personal trainer Andrew have not only split but literally “hate each other and can’t be in the same room”.

*Pretends to be shocked*.

“Things have reached a point between them where they couldn’t even stand looking [at] each other let alone do any interviews together,” the source says.

“Andrew wants nothing to do with Married At First Sight and would be happy never to see Holly or anyone from the show ever again.”

Damn and we thought Brent bailing on his and Tamara’s appearance on the Today show was spicy. Everything is bigger in Texas including egos, apparently.

The DM reports that MAFS couples are contracted to appear that they’re still together until the show has finished airing but Andrew is “refus[ing]” to do so. He apparently told producers in October he had no intentions of returning for the reunion.

“He was over it,” the source further claims.

“It wasn’t what he signed up for. Andrew went completely MIA on the whole cast, production and the network.

“Andrew just got right up in the middle of filming and said, ‘I’ve had enough of this’ and walked right out. He was never seen or heard from again. Poor guy.

“He ignored both Holly and Channel Nine’s multiple calls and invitations to attend the boys’ night or the reunion in January. He won’t be in the same room with her.”

The source adds that Andrew tried to deactivate his social media accounts after the show as an attempt to stay off the grind and “escape”.

“We’ve given up on trying to reach him, and I’m sure Holly would be happy never to have to see him again.”

Hard to say if this is true but I guess not every couple can be as wholesome and endgame OTP worthy as Sunday night’s Olivia and Jackson.

We won’t know until the show gets to the reunion, but I personally can’t wait for the ridiculously dramatised moment when the group all turns and sees an empty chair next to Holly.

Married At First Sight airs at 7:30 on Sunday to Wednesday night on Channel Nine and 9Now.