Apparently MAFS’ Shannon Hated His Behaviour On The Show So Much He Went To Therapy

Doesn’t it feel like absolute yonks since we last saw Shannon Adams on Married At First Sight? You know, the guy who was a royal dick to his on-screen wife Caitlin McConville and rocked up to one of the commitment ceremonies looking like he’d been suddenly soaking up rays in the Bahamas?

Well, Shannon is coming back for the MAFS Reunion. But apparently, after spending the last few months working on himself in therapy, he’s back with a new and improved attitude.

According to So Dramatic!, Shannon hated what he saw when he watched himself on the show and decided to make a positive change.

“Shannon realised how badly he behaved on the show and got professional help,” a source said.

He actually did three months of solid therapy after filming and he’s been working on himself ever since.

“At the reunion he seemed like a totally different person. He’s actually come really far,” they said.

In case you missed it, Shannon had displayed some pretty negative behaviours during his time on the show. He consistently made negative comments about Caitlin’s appearance and even admitted to being in love with his ex.

The experience got so bad for Caitlin that for the first time in MAFS history, the experts let her leave the experiment despite Shannon writing “stay” at the commitment ceremony.

Although he displayed some pretty shocking behaviour, I think it takes a pretty strong person to turn inwards and make a change for the better.

While I wholeheartedly commend Shannon for plucking up the courage to go to therapy and work on himself, I do feel bad for the bloke that it took going on national reality television and getting torn to shreds by the Australian public for him to reflect.

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It was previously reported that since filming has ended, Shannon has been working as an Uber Eats driver.

As for Caitlin? She’s recently hard launched her shiny new relationship with Kobe Barton and seems happier than ever. Love that for her!