Actual Icon Caitlin Might Return To MAFS And I’m Equal Parts ‘Go Girl’ & ‘Pls Hunny No’

Caitlin McConville smiling during MAFS Commitment Ceremony with white text on screen which reads "HELLO AGAIN"

Insiders reckon my lord and saviour Caitlin McConville could potentially return to Married At First Sight after my mortal enemy Shannon Adam treated her like complete and utter shit. Sweetie, I will love and support you in whatever you do but I don’t know if MAFS 2: Electric Boogaloo is the answer.

ICYMI, Caitlin and Shannon left the show during Sunday night’s Commitment Ceremony when it became clear to MAFS expert John Aiken that ol’ mate was going to keep treating his stoonin’ wife abysmally. Good riddance, I say.

Now several sources have told Yahoo! Lifestyle that Caitlin could return to MAFS next year.

“Caitlin was ready to give everything to the experiment but was matched with a dud who was still in love with his ex,” one insider said.

“The powers behind the show feel she was done dirty, viewers think she was done dirty and bringing her back for a second chance isn’t out of the question if she’s still single when filming starts in August.”

Normally I’d advise folks to take that kind of tea with a grain of salt but Caitlin actually told the publication she’d be keen for Season Eleven — pending her relationship status, of course.

“Look, if I was single and I hadn’t found somebody yet, I would definitely be open to coming back,” she said.

“But I’m hoping to have found somebody by then!”

You and me both, doll. I’ll even fly to Queensland so I can help you find a kind, considerate man who doesn’t go gung-ho in the solarium.

The thought of Caitlin returning to MAFS just fills me with fear, you know? Given how cruel and downright nasty Shannon was to her, it would be awful if she was paired with another dickhead. All I want is for her to end up with a sweet bloke who appreciates the hell out of her.

Although shit objectively hit the fan on MAFS, Caitlin, like the sweet, wholesome angel that she is, only had good things to say about her time on the show.

“I think my experience was what my experience was meant to be and I’ve learned a lot from it,” she told Yahoo! Lifestyle.

“I’ve met some amazing people from my experience that I will be friends with forever, so my life post-show has been amazing.

“I’m sad about how things went but I’m grateful for the opportunity anyway.”


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