Old Mate Harrison Is The Latest MAFS Star To Launch A Rogue TikTok & His Videos Are A Wild Ride

Harrison Boon TikTok

Following in the footsteps of fellow rogue MAFS 2023 groom Jesse Burford, old mate Harrison Boon has now defied Married At First Sight producers by creating a TikTok.

So far, old mate only has two videos live on his page. The first one is an adorable video of his son, August, looking up at the night sky.

I will not be swayed by a cute kid in a cable knit sweater, I will not. Good try, Boon.

But the second and most recent TikTok video is where the vibe renewal truly begins.

@harrison_boon am i a narc? @Jesse Burford 🫢 #thepav #narcissist ♬ SEND IT! – Hooligan Hefs

The video shows Harrison on a night out with Jesse Burford, Daily Mail’s showbiz reporter Ali Daher and another bloke called Paul.

“Hey Paul, am I a narcissist in your opinion?” he asked his mate.

“No, the real life Harrison is not a narcissist,” Paul replied.

Welp, there you have it folks. Case solved by a dude called Paul.

Then, to add some fun to what seems like a marketing campaign from Harrison Boon Rocks TM, Jesse interjects.

“He is! He’s a narcissist, misogynist, woman hater, he’s everything!” Jesse piped up, clearly joking.

“Jesse, stop it!” he said, feigning terror.

Harrison appears to be on a campaign to repair his image after his bonkers run on MAFS. He has publicly spoken out about how he got a bad edit on the show on multiple occasions. He’s turned to podcasts, publications and apparently tried to sway public opinion of him at the upcoming MAFS Reunion.

So far, his foray into TikTok has garnered mixed results from the 27.3K people who’ve seen it so far. Some fols have basically booed him in the form of savage TikTok comments while other commentators have used the opportunity to shoot their shot with the bloke.

“Hey Harrison when are we going for a drink?” said one hopeful user.

Hey, I’m not going to yuck somebody’s yum.

We’re just counting down the days ’til the contestants get their ‘grams back and the real tea will be spilled! Until then, we have the spicy-as MAFS reunion to look forward to over two nights on Sunday April 2 and Monday April 3. Gird your loins!