Eagle-Eyed MAFS Fans Spotted A Secret Lil’ Message On Claire’s T-Shirt & I’m Fucking Screaming

claire nomarhas mafs secret message married at first sight

Eagle-eyed Married At First Sight (MAFS) viewers have spotted a “secret message” on Claire Nomarhas‘ shirt that they reckon was intended for her husband Jesse Burford, who she cheated on with Adam Seed.

Members of the “Married At First Sight Australian Fans” Facebook page debated the shirt online, with some suggesting that the message may have been placed there by Nomarhas herself.

Claire Nomarhas (Image: Nine).

What was on the collar that has fans shooketh? “Leave me alone”. Very apt for someone who isn’t exactly head over heels for their husband.

“Claire wore a pink shirt in one of the first week’s episodes, and the collar had ‘leave me alone’ on it or something,” wrote one user on the MAFS Facebook page.

“Does anyone know where it’s from or the brand? Googling is not helping haha.”

“It may have been personalised, I looked for it too,” wrote another FB user.

“I need it,” wrote a third.

Personally, I think the shirt is giving ASOS clearance sale chic. You know, the kind of clothing that looks really cute but then has random words plastered over it in weird places like a “kiss me” across the nips or a “LOS ANGELES 1788” all down the arms? Yeah, those ones.

If Nomarhas did in fact make this shirt before going on MAFS, I will have no choice but to stan. It’s the ultimate sneaky “fuck you” for anyone getting on her nerves, and where better to do that than on national television.

I salute the eagle-eyed MAFS fans for all that they do for the community. Recently, they spotted Harrison Boon whispering to the producers through a hidden mic.

Turns out that he was just asking to leave the dinner table to use the bathroom, but for a moment there my mind raced with scandalous possibilities. Was he speaking secretly with his anonymous producer GF? Was he asking the producers to get the camera off of his face?

Sure, the truth may have been disappointing, but we like to have fun.

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