Whoopsie Doodle: Leaked Texts Appear To Show MAFS’ Rupert Admitting He Never Butt-Dialled Evelyn

MAFS butt-dial scandal: Rupert Budgen, pictured, appears to reveal he never accidentally called his on-screen wife Evelyn Ellis in leaked text messages. Photo of Rupert looking confused with black text which reads "soz lol"
Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

It’s time for MAFS Leaked Texts 2: Electric Boogaloo and this time, it’s the butt-dial hullaballoo under the firing line.

As we saw on Tuesday night’s episodeRupert Bugden reportedly butt-dialled his on-screen wife Evelyn Ellis while he was out with Da Boiz, including Dan HunjasOllie Skelton and Hugo Armstrong.

Evelyn claimed she heard Beast-Mode (Dan) bitching about his objectively gorgeous wife Sandy Jawanda and told her what the shitbag had said.

Now, I don’t know about you, but ever since I heard about the MAFS butt-dial scandal, I’ve thought long and hard about how such an event even occurs in 2023. Like, we have smart phones which need to be unlocked with numerical codes or our faces, and even then, my iPhone 11 refuses to recognise me when I wear a different pair of sunnies.

I simply refuse to believe that in this day and age, these devices have the ability to butt-dial. This is not 2006 when the Nokia E60 was all the rage.

And it would appear I had legitimate reasons to be suspicious, if the leaked texts between Rupert and Beast-Mode are anything to go by.

In the texts, which were obtained by Daily Mail Australia, Beast-Mode reportedly messaged Rupert on Sunday, October 16 at 9pm.

“Hey mate, there’s something that’s been on my mind and it’s been burning at me,” the text read.

“That butt-dial didn’t happen, we both know it didn’t. The convo I had with you was during daylight and was between 4.30 and 5.30pm. Not after 8pm like it was accused … We weren’t even together then.

“We were also in a very loud place and I’ve since been back there this weekend and tested an actual phone call with the phone at the table and you cannot hear any convos at all …

“Mate … what’s the actual truth? I got absolutely slaughtered and it wasn’t fair at all. I need you to be real with me … And you know why.”

I’m screaming at Beast-Mode putting his Scooby-Doo hat on and going back to the scene of the butt-dial to conduct his own investigations. Move over, Benoit Blanc!

Also, what’s going on with that sign-off? “And you know why,” is the most batshit dramatic way to end a text. Something tells me the bloke recently watched I Know What You Did Last Summer and let the power go to his head.

Now, ol’ mate nervy poo responded to this truth bomb in a v. typical Rupert fashion.

“Hey man, well I was smoked that night as you know,” the text began. We’re off to a great start, sweetie.

“And I literally didn’t remember anything and so at first when Evelyn told me there were these butt-dials I didn’t think it was even a thing. Then she showed me her texting me saying she heard everything Hugo had said, nothing about you.

“Evelyn has since told me when I was smoked I’ve [sic] told her that you used to smash some good sorts back in the day and I honestly wasn’t thinking at the time and I’m so sorry I obviously know now not to discuss anything about my nights out with anyone, and I had not meant to get you caught up in that at all.

“Then sandy [sic] has caught with with [sic] Evelyn the next day and I know there were conversations had where Sandy’s told Evelyn things.

“That’s why when they were saying dans [sic] said this stuff about sandy [sic] on the night out I said absolutely not he didn’t talk badly about his wife at all that night because it didn’t happen.”

Just a few questions, if I may. So Dan has talked smack about Sandy, but Evelyn didn’t hear it via butt-dial and instead ‘cos Rupert simply relayed it back to her? But he didn’t do it on this night out with Da Boiz because according to Rupert, “he didn’t talk badly about his wife at all that night”, even though the bloke was smoked and can’t remember anything?

And some sort of butt-dial did take place because Evelyn texted Rupert saying she’d heard Hugo ratting out Tayla Winter, but it also … didn’t because according to Beast-Mode, you can’t hear jack shit at the venue?

I’m deeply confused. I low-key adore Rupert because he’s v. funny and seems normal but that message was essentially his [INAUDIBLE MUMBLING] bit from his wedding in text form.

Guess we’ll just have to see what goes down at the Dinner Party on Wednesday night. It’ll be a hoot and a bloody half, I’m sure.