Leaked Texts Show MAFS’ Sandy Called Dan A ‘Dumb C*nt’ & I’m Whipping Out My Tiniest Violin

MAFS Dan Hunjas and Sandy Jawanda sitting on couch during Commitment Ceremony with text onscreen which reads "I SAID WHAT I SAID"

Hit the big “leaked texts” button ‘cos MAFS‘ Sandy Jawanda reportedly called her gronk husband Dan Hunjas a “dumb cunt”. I’m not saying he deserved it but I’m not not saying he deserved it, if you’re picking up what I’m putting down.

The leaked texts come by way of Instagram account mafsgossip (@mafsgossip), which published the spicy messages on Monday night after *that* episode finished airing.

You know, the one where Sandy revealed she and Dan had slept together after he told every man and his dog that he wasn’t attracted to her? And then he went for a six hour run and got mad at her for wanting to spend time with him, which is suffocating his desire to leg it à la Forrest Gump? That episode.

The messages start with Sandy asking Dan where he is, and he replies that he’s in Harrison Boon‘s room. Listening to the man’s musings about uterine disorders, no doubt.

She questions why he is there, which is fair and valid IMO. I’d be in Duncan James‘ room, personally.

Dan, who was apparently having so much fun in Harrison’s room that he couldn’t get to the phone, didn’t reply.

“You’re a dumb cunt, I’m going to bed. Goodnight,” Sandy said.

“Okay … Can’t remember being called a ‘dumb cunt” before … Goodnight Sandy x,” Dan replied.

After Sandy calls him a few times, Dan tells her he’s “out of here”.

“Where are you?” she asked.

“Hamish has booked me another hotel and I’m flying home on [sic] the morning,” he replied.

“Dan come here please. I need to talk to you what are you doing?” she asked.

“I’m going home. I don’t belong here,” he replied.

Sandy then tried to call Dan and asked him to come and see her.

“I’m not bailing on our friendship. The manipulation and TV show goes against my entire way of living. You telling my [sic] im [sic] a ‘dumb cunt’ is the last straw. I don’t need anything from this. I want respect and kindness,” Dan said.

Now, before anyone angrily emails me about double standards, “cunt” is obviously a vile, degrading insult and isn’t one to be flung around willy-nilly.

But if Dan’s treatment of Sandy in Monday night’s episode is anything to go by, sometimes that shit is deserved. Again, I’m not saying it’s warranted, but I’m not not saying it’s warranted, you know?

Also, I wonder who “leaked” the texts to the media? Based on the screenshots, it doesn’t look like it was Sandy.

If you need me, I’ll be putting my tinfoil hat on and taking a Xanax before tonight’s shitshow of an episode, which is set to include a butt-dial scandal.