Salty Sis Olivia Frazer Shared A Savage Post On Insta & Why Don’t Ya Just Tag Dom Next Time?

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

The MAFS 2022 cast may not have their ‘grams back yet, but they’re still able to share producer-approved cryptic posts. And shady sis Olivia Frazer has just dropped a fucken doozy.

The controversial contestant shared a selfie from bed and accompanied it with a caption that’s all about “toxic” people and seeking “revenge” and wouldn’t it just be easier to tag Dom and be done with it?

“FYI my interpretation of ‘holding grudges’ is to cut out people that are toxic to my life. Not seek revenge or put any energy at all towards them,” she began.

“It’s perfectly acceptable to not like people. It’s perfectly acceptable to not allow certain people access to you.”

She concluded, “I’ve never wasted energy on people I don’t like. Hence why I sleep amazing at night xxx.”

In case you’re wondering what the hell is going on with the MAFS contestants’ Instas, they haven’t regained full access to their accounts just yet.

An anonymous MAFS contestant told the So Dramatic! podcast that “from April 11th we are able to post regular life stuff via the Channel Nine social media team.

“They still have full access over our accounts, but we can ask them to post stuff for us and it just needs to be approved.”

Then on April 27, they’ll finally have their passwords back and believe me when I say I’m counting down the bloody days.

We recently pulled together a ranking of which contestants copped the most followers and which ones have no hope in hell of launching an influencer career and the findings were verrrrrry interesting.

Unsurprisingly, Olivia’s rival Domenica walked away from this season as the most-followed MAFS 2022 star.

When the season kicked off, your girl had 12.6k followers and she now has 353k followers. Onya, bb!

As for Olivia, she came in at #8, having gone from 2.3k followers to 73.9k.

With that said, I wonder if her shady posts will help boost that following.

I hope not ‘cos she doesn’t deserve it after her shitty behaviour, TBH.