Ranking The MAFS Cast Insta Follower Counts From Micro-Influencer To May As Well Give Up, Hey

MAFS instagram follower counts ranking
Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

Although every MAFS contestant will insist that they signed up for love and love only, ya just bloody know that’s not true.

So now that the season is over, naturally we’ve been curious about which brides and grooms walked away with the most followers.

The So Dramatic! podcast crunched the numbers and gathered the stats to suss which of the OG 2022 contestants gained the most followers during the experiment and which ones copped the lowest growth.

1. Ella Ding

Coming in at numero uno is Ella Ding who started with 3,648 followers and now sits at a cool 600k.

2. Domenica Calarco

Italian goddess Domenica Calarco has been pipped off the top spot.

When the season kicked off, your girl had 12.6k followers and she now has 576k followers. Onya, girl!

3. Brent Vitiello

I remember the first spot of tea that we copped about the 2022 season of MAFS was that an influencer had joined the cast: the one and only Brent Vitiello.

The dude already boasted a whopping 53k followers when he first signed on, but that’s now grown to over 460k followers.

So if he really did sign up to boost his influencer career, as his MAFS missus claimed, then mission accomplished!

4. Jack Millar

Domenica’s now-ex bae Jack Millar didn’t fare quite as well as she did but he certainly saw a massive uptick.

The bloke began with 1,555 followers and now has 281k followers.

Nothing to sneeze at!

5. Al Perkins

Al Perkins, MAFS‘ resident shoey enthusiast, began with 3,267 followers and now has over 270k.

The people do be loving those shoeys!

6. Selina Chhaur

She may not have succeeded in finding love, but at least Selina Chhaur succeeded in bolstering her Insta following!

She started off with 2.9k followers and gained quite a few followers, bringing her to a total of 233k.

Frankly, extra IG followers is way more of a prize than that jackass they stitched her up with.

7. Olivia Frazer

I’m very pleased to report that Olivia Frazer‘s pales in comparison to Dom’s.

To quote Nene Leakes, “You can never win when you’re dirty, honey.”

Olivia went from 2.3k followers to 189k.

8. Mitch Eynaud

Despite his problematic antics, old mate Mitch saw decent growth in IG followers since joining the show.

He started off with 1.1k followers and now has 158k.

9. Jackson Lonie

Ah, Jackson… he had such promise. Then he went and hitched his wagon to the wrong star and has subsequently barely cracked the top 10.

Jackson stepped into the show with 1,278 followers and only managed to grow to 61.3k. It’s now beefed out to 127k. Still a lot, I know, but not nearly as high of a rise as his co-stars.

10. Tamara Djordjevic

Sure, she may have turned out to be one of the show’s villains, but Tamara Djordjevic still managed to walk away with many a follower.

She started with 6.2K followers and now has over 114k, believe it or not.

11. Anthony Cincotta

Wrestler / actor Anthony Cincotta went from 800 followers to 98.2k.

12. Cody Bromley

I’m so bloody happy to see that this bloke is so low on the list considering his shitty behaviour in the final episode.

Cody started with 800 followers and now has 89.3k, which is still too big of a growth for such an awful person, if ya ask me.

13. Selin Mengu

Mama bear Selin Mengu went from 1,349 followers on IG to 73.4k, making her the lowest on the list.

Better luck next time, bb.

14. Holly Greenstein

This cinema manager / actress began with 1,500 followers and now has 60k, making her the lowest on the list.

Not quite Hollywood level, aye?