We Dug Up All The Bitchy IG Posts That Caused Drama On The MAFS Reunion So You Don’t Have To

Part 1 of the long-awaited MAFS reunion stormed onto our screams last night – emphasis on the ~storm~. What an absolute SHITstorm.

When the regular season is airing and the cast get into it about incidents from previous eps, viewers are well aware of what’s going on because, well, they’ve been tuning in to the spicy eps.

But since the cast hadn’t seen each in other in forever, all the drama was involving shady Instagram posts from the past few years, so loads of viewers were confused about which uploads the contestants were referring to.

Here’s a handy guide to all the savage social posts that were referenced in last night’s ep.

The So Dramatic! podcast did a fab job at piecing it all together, see above for the detailed Instagram post.

It all started at the Logies in 2019, where several members of that year’s MAFS were invited, including Martha Kalifatidis and hubby Michael Brunelli, but Ines Basic and Jessika Power were snubbed. So what did they do? They crashed the party and chaos ensued.

Following the drama, Michael and Martha discussed the whole thing online, both on Instagram Live and on their YouTube channel, where they said that they’d rather have a root-canal than be mates with those girls again and fkn ouch.

Enraged by the couple’s response, both Jessika and Ines fucken’ rinsed them on their Instagram Stories, which was also raised during the MAFS reunion.

Jessika Power accused Martha of cheating on Michael with her ex-boyfriend and again at Jess’ home, and Ines told them to get off their “high horse.”

Peep the posts here via the So Dramatic! podcast.

Also remember when Martha referred to Jess’ body positivity Instagram post? This was the one:

Also, ya know how Cyrell Paule claimed that Jessika Power had made comments about her family (her young bub and her BF, Love Island star Eden Dally)?

Well Jess has since taken to Instagram to not only confirm that she did, in fact, say things about her MAFS co-star, but she also pointed her followers to the post.

It was an announcement by @MAFSFunny about their bb news, where Jess commented: “I happily chose to use contraceptive as I feel a baby is a big game changer.”

She also shared screenshots of an article where she previously said that Cyrell and Eden’s relationship is fake and claimed that he approached her first and asked if she wanted to date him for the clout and dollars. Yikes.

The MAFS reunion concludes tonight and I’m almost certain this article will need updates by the time it’s done.

For more, jump onto the So Dramatic! podcast’s Instagram, where a heap of more evidence has been uncovered, plus have a listen to THIS ep where the tea was previously spilled.