Martha & Michael Spill Logies Tea Including A Scrap With ‘Sunrise’ & Ines/Jess Drama

Some of the biggest goss to come from the 2019 Logie Awards involved the rowdy bunch of Married At First Sight (MAFS) contestants from this year’s season of the Channel Nine dating series.

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Only eight contestants were invited to Aussie television’s night of nights including Elizabeth Sobinoff, Martha Kalifatidis, Heidi Latcham, Michael Brunelli, Cameron Merchant, Jules Robinson, Nic Jovanovic and Mike Gunner.

Despite not receiving an invite, MAFS villains Ines Basic and Jessika Power reportedly decided to crash the event anyway, Daily Mail reports.

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Yesterday, we published an article about the gruesome twosome’s antics including the fact that they “gatecrashed the ceremony”, creating a whole lotta drama for the MAFS publicity department.

“They had crowds around them and were completely mobbed,” an onlooker revealed.

“Ines was calling random men ‘daddy’ and Jessika was shouting, ‘Where’s my Gold Logie?’ People were cheering them on and buying them bottles of champagne as Jessika twerked.”

Security guards were reportedly forced to tell the women to “settle down and move on” and as the pair bumped into the invited MAFS guests, chaos ensued.

“As soon as Martha [Kalifatidis] was near them, it all started to kick off,” said the insider. “They exchanged some tense words and Ines pretended to vomit on her.”

The onlooker claims that Jessika then shouted something at Martha, who ignored the remarks and continued walking.

Following our report, Martha and her MAFS groom Michael posted a video called ‘The Truth About The Logies’ where they confirmed the report to be true.

In the video, Michael reads our headline, ‘Uninvited ‘MAFS’ Stars Reportedly Booted From Logies After-Party By Security’ and reads parts of the article.

“This one’s actually true,” Martha says as they both laugh.

“We were walking back to go to the after-party and we bumped into Jess and Ines,” she said. “I was completely taken aback ‘coz I went up to say hi, thinking we’re on good terms.”

“I told her not to!” Michael interjects.

“We have been speaking on Instagram and we’ve been messaging so I thought everything was sweet,” she adds.

“So I walked up to them, they ignored me, then I was looking at Jess going ‘Hello?’ and she goes ‘Oh hi!’”

“Then Ines did pretend to vomit on me,” she admits, as per the onlooker’s claim.

“I don’t know why… tear,” she sarcastically says, pretending to cry. “I don’t give a fuck either, to be quite honest. It’s so childish.”

They then recount seeing the girls loitering around the casino after the party had ended, “waiting in the buffet to get cold spring rolls from that disgusting buffet.”

“Each to their own, but what is your problem?” She concludes.

The rest of the video includes the baes reading out articles about the evening and confirming which are true and which are BS.

Other notable yarns from the vid include a claim that Martha elbowed David Koch “in the ribs” while trying to be photographed.

The Sunrise hosts slammed the couple during the morning-after-the-Logies special ep.

“I’ve still got bruises in the ribs from the ‘Married At First Sight’ woman who elbowed me on the way through on the red carpet,” Kochie alleged.

“The one with the dark hair, she was fierce,” Natalie Barr adds.

“Someone is saying Martha in my ear. I could not pick her out of a line-up, but my god she got you in the ribs,” Samantha Armytage exclaimed.

“Do not get between Martha and the camera,” sports reporter Mark Beretta quipped, prompting Sam to exclaim, “Especially when you’ve only got 15 minutes of fame!”

Watch the full vid here.

Martha responded to the hosts in the vid, “You don’t know me. I have never spoken to you. You think it’s okay to sit on the morning show make up this story that I elbowed what’s his name?”

She added:  “She really went for me. I didn’t even speak to you the whole night!”

Martha also addressed Kochie, saying: “I was like dude, you’re like my dad’s age. My dad would never say something about some young girl.”  

She also berated the hosts via the following Instagram post.

They went on to dispel another article claiming that former MAFS rivals Jules and Cam snubbed them at the ceremony.

“Complete bullshit, Cam is always lovely, always says hello. He came up and said hi to us, we had a chat,” Martha said.

“Jules did not speak to me, which is understandable,” she adds. “She didn’t speak to Michael either but she hasn’t spoken to me since I said that I thought she was a bit of a bully and a snake.”

So, it’s not complete bullshit then?

Anywho… here’s the vid again if you want to refill your teacup with piping hot sustenance.